Jan 2, 2014
In This New Year, Why Not Reimagine Life Even - Work?
By Edna Kane-Williams, AARP Vice President, Multicultural Markets and Engagement

That new job, hobby or even new business that has always been in the back of your mind - imagine actually pursuing it this year. Imagine retiring from one job, maybe resting for a while, then starting a brand new career.

At AARP, our goal is to be your ally in discovering new possibilities for your life and provide the tools to help you on your journey. Life Reimagined, an idea from AARP, offers online and in-person experiences that give you access to all sorts of ideas, tools and guidance about ways to start fresh and plan your "what's next." 

With its roots in the Life Reimagined Institute for Innovation, a leading group of thought leaders in life and career coaching, psychology, relationships, personal development, wellness and entrepreneurship, Life Reimagined and Life Reimagined for Work provides an online community for networking, inspiration and tips for success that are uniquely focused on experienced professionals. 

Among the resources available are articles including, “What Makes a Great Leader”, “Attention All Inventors!”, “Burned Out? Or Just Bummed?”, and “9 Insane Side Effects of Entrepreneurship”.

Life Reimagined for Work has also partnered with LinkedIn, one of the most interactive and widely used professional networks available, to provide:

-  Peer group discussions so you can give and receive advice, ask questions and share wisdom with other experienced workers about entrepreneurship and careers.

-  Job postings from hundreds of companies that have committed to hiring experienced workers by signing the Life Reimagined for Work pledge

- Tools and exercises designed to help you discover new interests and define, plan and reach your goals.

- Tips about ways to approach prospective employers and peers who respect and value your depth of experience.



Life Reimagined is serving and fueling the lives of a growing population. The National Institute of Healthrecently reported that “life expectancy nearly doubled during the 20th century with a ten-fold increase in the number of Americans age 65 or older.” The NIH further reports that the approximately 35 million Americans age 65 or older now living in America are projected to double over the next 25 years. In fact, "living to 100 is becoming increasingly commonplace.”

As more and more people are living longer, we have a unique opportunity to reinvigorate our lifestyles and pursue our goals and dreams at any age by taking on exciting new projects and challenging new ventures. This New Year is an ideal time to consider a new job, volunteer opportunities, utilizing a hidden talent or taking classes to learn a new skill.

Let Life Reimagined be your ally for real possibilities. You will not only discover your "what's next" but you will truly realize just how much more you have yet to give and achieve.

Visit www.lifereimagined.org and www.workreimagined.org.