Jan 14, 2015
Life Reimagined Institute Launches to Help Navigate Life Transitions
Innovative think-and-do lab unites the world’s leading experts and partners to deliver groundbreaking methodology and programming

WASHINGTON, DCLife Reimagined today announced the official launch of the Life Reimagined Institute, a division of Life Reimagined, LLC that brings together a number of the world’s leading experts in personal development, aging and life transitions. Through research and innovation, this group of thought leaders is developing cutting-edge programs, services, content and tools that consumers can utilize to reimagine their lives.

The Institute uses this data to guide and fuel Life Reimagined, a first-of-its-kind series of online and offline experiences to help people reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to live their best life.

“We’re bringing together the best minds to develop programs and content that helps the Life Reimagined community lead happier, more fulfilled lives through rigorous research and imaginative thinking,” notes Emilio Pardo, Executive Vice President at AARP and President of Life Reimagined. “We’re so proud of the work these experts have fostered thus far and look forward to seeing the program progress.”

Among the large, respected group of experts are NYC psychiatrist and distinguished consumer health expert, Dr. Janet Taylor M.D., award-winning academic leader and legal scholar, Christopher Metzler, Ph.D. and renowned executive coach and author, Richard Leider. The Institute is also working with prominent partners, including The Aspen Institue, Kaplan University, Edina Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Google and Atlantic Media Strategies. Their combined set of knowledge and hands-on expertise has helped in developing proven methodologies for the Life Reimagined platform:

Breakthrough ideas and procedures

  • Local events, workshops, and offline experiences that put its ideas into practice on the regional level
  • Data-driven insights and modern market intelligence to help drive the research

Innovation through collaboration

  • Co-created digital/mobile tools and apps
  • Next-generation online learning programs
  • Grand Challenge,” a national competition that encourages people to submit their own proposal for innovative programs that will help adults use their decades of experience as a launch pad for reimagining their life

Discovering Your New Life Possibilities

At the heart of the Life Reimagined Institute is the aptly-titled Life Reimagined: Discovering Your New Life Possibilities, co-written by personal growth coach and best-selling author, Richard Leider.

Published in 2013, the book serves as a personal guidance system for those looking to explore and bring to life a “what’s next” moment. It emphasizes that there are no boundaries or restrictions when it comes to deciding that next phase, and offers advice on finding purpose in work and life. The book recently received the 2014 Silver Nautilus Award for its innovative guidance on caring for and improving on aspects of our lives.

To further expand the reach of the Life Reimagined ethos and help provide Spanish-speaking consumers access to the advice outlined in Leider’s bookthe Institute is offering a Spanish language version of the book, La Vida Reinventada.

“We wrote Life Reimagined to be a resource for those looking to reinvent themselves and discover their passions,” explains Leider. “Releasing a Spanish language version of the book is gratifying because it means we have the opportunity to reach, and hopefully inspire, more adults to lead happier lives.”

La Vida Reinventada is available at the AARP online bookstore, and Amazon.

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About Life Reimagined

Life Reimagined was launched by AARP in 2013 to provide a personal guidance system to help people navigate transitions and live their lives to the fullest.  By offering online and offline experiences made up of tools, experts and community, Life Reimagined helps people reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to navigate transitions and new life phases.  Learn more at http://lifereimagined.aarp.org.

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