Jan 27, 2015
The 14th Annual Movies for Grownups® Award Winners; A Worldwide Exclusive Interview with Bob Dylan; The Power of Prayer; and More
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WASHINGTON, DC, January 27, 2015—Cinematic Celebration of the Best Movies for Grownups: Celebrating 2014’s standout filmmakers, actors, actresses and movies that bear unique relevance for the 50-plus audience, this issue of AARP The Magazine unveils the winners of the 14th Annual Movies for Grownups® Awards. The Theory of Everything, the biographical romantic drama depicting the physical and emotional journey of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, takes home the award for “Best Picture.” Julianne Moore earns “Best Actress” for her heartbreaking portrayal of a woman’s battle with early onset Alzheimer’s in Still Alice; and Steve Carell takes “Best Actor” for his gifted performance in Foxcatcher.Check out other Movies for Grownups® winners, including unique categories such as the “Best Movie for Grownups Who Refuse to Grow Up,” along with the complete list of winners athttp://www.aarp.org/moviesforgrownups. (Page 54)

Bob Dylan and The Great American Songbook: Legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan sits down withAARP The Magazine Editor in Chief, Robert Love—Dylan’s first interview in three years—to reveal the story behind his upcoming album, Shadows in the Night. The exclusive interview in the February/March issue details his views on musical influence, Frank Sinatra, the real reason he went into seclusion in 1966 and why he says rock ’n’ roll died. Also, find out more about Dylan’s decision to gift 50,000 copies of the album to AARP The Magazine readers. (Page 28)

Tips for Generational Struggles in the Workplace: Older workers are increasingly finding themselves displaced and forced out of the workplace. Generational shifts can throw a wrench into the way many Americans work with counterparts and supervisors. This issue of AARP The Magazine reveals important tips to help minimize the struggles of dealing with a younger boss and provides tips from AARP Job’s Expert, Kerry Hannon. (Page 44)

Prayer Around the World: No matter the religion, prayer is universal. But although most prayers go unanswered, we keep praying regardless. An article in the February/March issue of AARP The Magazineshares stories from people around the world who detail the true meaning of prayer and the power it holds. (Page 48)

Putting an End to Chronic Pain: Millions of Americans live with various forms of chronic pain every day, but innovative nondrug treatments can now provide a solution to end the suffering for many. The February/March issue of AARP The Magazine discusses five important things to know about pain management and showcases the important link between chronic pain and your brain, fitness and more. (Page 22)

New Views for a Healthy Heart: In the February/March issue of AARP The Magazine, top cardiologist Steven Nissen, M.D., shares some unexpected advice and surprising views on heart health. From new drugs that may effectively treat heart failure to recent findings on taking a daily low-dose aspirin, Dr. Nissen offers a healthy change of heart. (Page 18)

Grand Getaways for the Whole Family: Family vacations can make marvelous memories when the planning is right. The February/March issue of AARP The Magazine shares real life stories and great tips from AARP’s Travel Ambassador, Samantha Brown, on how to make multigenerational excursions stress-free and fun for all. (Page 61)

A Winning Combination to Lifelong Health: The February/March issue of AARP The Magazine shares eight health indicators and target numbers to hit for lifelong health, such as the number of hours of sleep needed to control your weight to the ideal beats per minute for a healthy heart and more. (Page 16)

The Dish on Style with Fashion Plate Tim Gunn: Known for his signature style of pattern matching and pocket squares, “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn gives AARP The Magazine the scoop on dressing sharp. Check out his style tips in the new February/March issue for more on how to “Make it Work.” (Page 76)

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