Sep 1, 2015
Special Report: 50-Plus Workers Impacting the Workforce in 2015; Deaths from Prescription Pain Medications Rise 700 Percent; Generational Shifts are Disrupting the Workforce; Finding Work You Love; A Look Back at Gender Equality; Saving for a Grandchild’s College Education; & More

AARP’s 2015 Work & Jobs Report is Good News for Older Workers: A special in-depth feature examines the first time in U.S. history when four generations – pre-Boomers, Boomers, Generation Xr’s and Millennials are all engaged in the workforce at the same time. Today’s seasoned workers include people who have “unretired” and returned to the job market to help fill skilled job and talent shortages, are embracing their “second act” by shifting into a new career, or are volunteering at non-profits that benefit from their decades of institutional knowledge. Others are stepping out into the entrepreneurial world to start their own companies. Whatever path the experienced worker chooses to pursue, employers definitely value their work ethic, problem-solving approach, service-orientation and punctuality. (Page 21)

Free Job Resources from AARP: AARP is launching a new site to help 50-plus workers stay competitive and current, find a job, sharpen skills or pursue a new career path. Visit   Also join the free AARP virtual career fair on September 22, 2015, at

Prescription Painkillers Cause a Rising Death Toll: Every day, 46 Americans die from a prescription painkiller overdose. In recent years, the death toll from prescription painkiller overdoses among Americans between the ages of 55- 64 has increased a dramatic 700%. This issue of AARP Bulletin takes a look at the reasons behind this growing epidemic and discusses ways that people who are taking prescription painkillers can use them safely and effectively. (Page 6)

New Warnings for Over-the-Counter Painkillers: Just because you can buy them over the counter doesn’t mean NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are without risk. Be sure to carefully read the packaging labels on NSAIDs about the increased risks of heart attack, stroke and heart failure, whether or not you have heart disease. (Page 10)

10 Great Jobs for Workers 50-Plus: For workers considering their next career move, AARP identifies jobs in growing fields including: health and wellness (Patient Advocate, Dietician, Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist), home and garden (Eco-landscaper, Home Modification Professional), personal finance and tax experts (Accountant, Financial Manager, Personal Finance Adviser), Interpreters and Independent contractors (occupation varies). For those who would rather start their own business, the 50-plus entrepreneur is a growing trend with 26% of all start-ups created by people ages 55–64 in 2015. (Page 28)

General Motors CEO Mary Barra Discusses the Increase of Women in the Boardroom and the Value of Older WorkersAARP Bulletin Q&A with Mary Barra covers the role of technology in industry and life; GM’s respect for its older employees, including retirees who are helping to mentor students as they prepare to join the work force; juggling work and personal life; creating the car of the future and more. (Page 4)

Generational Shifts are Disrupting the Workforce: Demographic changes taking place in the workforce are pushing employers to find ways to develop company cultures that drive respect for what each generation brings to the office environment. In this issue of AARP Bulletin, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins reflects on how this disruption in the workplace should be addressed and the new needs that such a shift requires. (Page 38)

Looking Back at the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women: AARP’s Editorial Director Myrna Blyth reflects on her trip to the China twenty years ago, and the global power of the women who participated. Among their achievements for women in the two decades since the conference: Nearly universal primary school education for girls, significant improvements in maternal care, and gender equality is guaranteed in constitutions written since the Conference. (Page 32)

Best Ways to Help Grandchildren Pay for College: With the cost of tuition at most colleges across America steadily increasing, many grandparents plan to set aside funds that will help offset a grandchild’s future college expenses. In the September issue of AARP Bulletin, financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn shares her advice on the smartest ways to help pay for a grandchild’s college education while still allowing them to take advantage of need-based aid. (Page 16)

Hollywood Highlights Importance of Older Generations in the Workplace: In the upcoming Warner Bros. film The Intern, Robert De Niro plays a “senior intern” working for Anne Hathaway, his decades-younger boss at a startup company. Film director Nancy Meyers portrays how tech startups can derive value from older workers who want to feel needed again. (Page 27)

Tech Entrepreneurs Over 50 a Growing Segment: Move over 20-somethings! AARP Bulletin shines the light on five inspiring 50-plus tech entrepreneurs who are innovating and creating apps and services that address consumer and workplace needs. was started by Jeanne Pinder, a formerNew York Times editor who was exasperated by her incomprehensible medical bills. She learned how to write computer code, hired a development team and is now partnering with news organizations to help others make more informed health care choices. (Page 30)

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