Feb 3, 2016
Inside the February/March Issue of AARP The Magazine
Celebrity Cover Interview: Michael Douglas on Love, Second Chances, and a Life Well-Lived Entertainment: Movies for Grownups® Awards Personal Finance: Get Smart About Money 2016 Disrupt Aging: Don’t Let Numbers Define Your Dreams Health: 5 Surprising Reasons Your Back is Killing You Health: How to Survive Your First Heart Attack What I Know Now: Jeremy Irons

WASHINGTON, DC In the February/March 2016 issue of AARP The Magazine, readers at home and online will enjoy an exclusive celebrity cover interview with actor Michael Douglas, winner of the 2015 Movies for Grownups® Career Achievement Award. Douglas reflects on the many rises and falls of his life, his second chances including surviving cancer, and being able to focus on what’s important.

Entertainment: Movies for Grownups® Awards – Now in its 15th year, the Movies for Grownups®   Awards continue to shine in spotlighting and celebrating films, filmmakers, actors and actresses that have a distinct relevance for the 50-plus audience. This year’s winners include Spotlight (Best Movie for Grownups), Bryan Cranston (Best Actor), Lily Tomlin (Best Actress), Inside Out (Best Movie for Grownups Who Refuse to Grow Up) and more. Attendees will include achievement award winner Michael Douglas, host Kathy Griffin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mark Ruffalo, Bryan Cranston, Diane Ladd, Ridley Scott, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Rachel McAdams and more. The star-studded awards will return to the Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills on Monday, February 8th.

Personal Finance: Special Report on Money – The sharks from Shark Tank share lessons that will lead you to a worry-free life. Tips such as “Cultivate healthy paranoia,” “No deal is better than a bad deal” and “Negotiate everything” can help you reach financial independence. A few choice quotes:

  • Never put more than 5 percent of your money in one stock: “If I fall in love with a company and it grows to more than that, I trim it back.” (Kevin O’Leary)
  • Understand the investment: “If you don’t understand what is going on, whether an investment or a deal, then why are you doing it?” (Mark Cuban)
  • Keep emotion out of it: “Money is purely a tool and you shouldn’t attach any emotion to it. But you see it happen all the time with the buying of homes or people living beyond their means. They get emotionally tied to something, and it eventually hurts them.” (Daymond John)

Finding paid work later in life can be challenging. You might have to acquire new skills or strengthen weak areas you’ve struggled with in the past in order to become more marketable in the current job climate. This new issue of AARP The Magazine includes a profile piece highlighting the stories of six people who found new jobs later in life. These new jobs include everything from a family wealth advisor to the director ofWheel of Fortune.

Whether it’s picking a winning stock or making a bet on themselves, celebrities and everyday people talk about the best investment they have ever made in the latest AARP The Magazine. A few examples include Star Jones taking a bar review course, a woman in the middle of her career investing in Apple stock and retiring to a duck farm, and a retired nurse who brought in more income by investing in antiques.

Disrupt Aging – It’s time to demolish Americans’ assumptions about getting older, and AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins is just the person to do it. In our society, reaching old age comes with negative stereotypes focusing more on the pains of aging than the opportunities older age provides. In an article excerpted from her forthcoming book, Disrupt Aging, Jenkins paves the way to a new way of thinking about how we age. She helps us view aging as an opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Health: 5 Surprising Reasons Your Back is Killing You – Four out of 5 people will experience low-back pain, one of the most common causes of disability and doctor visits. Most people blame their pain on lifting a box improperly or on sleeping “funny,” but it is often caused by other issues. This article discusses 5 little-known reasons for back pain and how to get relief.

Health: How to Survive Your First Heart Attack – Every 34 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack. Every 60 seconds, someone dies of one. The decisions made by the sufferers in the critical first moments can be the difference between life and death. This article lists the essential steps to take in order to help increase the odds of surviving a heart attack.

What I Know Now: Jeremy Irons – Jeremy Irons, actor and Oscar winner for his role in Reversal of Fortune, weighs in on bad guys, butlers, the joy of motorcycles and why he wore sneakers to the Oscars.

  • Irons on being bad: “I enjoyed playing villains. It’s very difficult in many situations to know who the villains and good guys are. People tend to think in black and white and, of course, we are all gray.”
  • Irons on Alfred the Butler: “My Alfred [Batman’s faithful servant in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] is a slightly different weight and color than previous Alfreds. One has a feeling that he hastraining; he’s a good security man, technician, mechanic. He may not make the best martini, but he can get the Batmobile on the road, which Bruce Wayne needs.”
  • Irons on changing the world: “My father advised me not to get involved in politics, so I skirt around it. But environmental subjects I have concentrated on; I made a documentary about global waste calledTrash. I worry about genetically modified food because it alters the balance of things. The prison system concerns me. I feel we lock up too many people without caring how they will be when we let them out.”


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