Oct 3, 2016
October Issue of AARP Bulletin Features Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their Stance on Social Security, Health Care, Fixing the Economy and Terrorism
New issue also includes an inside look at the gambling industry’s aggressive marketing towards older patrons, how your mate can impact your health and the rise of HPV-caused cancer in m

WASHINGTON, DC — Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on the issues that matter most to older Americans? The cover story of the October AARP Bulletin features the presidential candidates and their detailed plans regarding Social Security, health care, the economy and terrorism. OtherBulletin stories this month include: “The Casino Trap,” an investigation of how casinos are aggressively marketing to older individuals; “9 Ways Your Mate Can Affect Your Health” that shows how your partner is keeping you healthy or making you sick; and “HPV Cancer on the Rise,” a look at the increasing rates of throat cancer in middle-aged men caused by a virus commonly associated with cervical cancer.

Stories in the October AARP Bulletininclude:

Where They Stand – (Cover Story): Learn where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on key issues affecting older adults. In this cover story, presidential candidates Clinton and Trump (or their campaigns) answer questions about their stances on various policy issues, including Social Security, health care, theeconomy and terrorism.

The Casino Trap: As the gambling industry booms with the expansion of legal casinos in numerous states, 50+ adults are frequently the targets of their aggressive marketing tactics. Retirement-aged consumers are an especially desirable demographic for the gaming industry because they fill the floors during off-peak hours.  Casinos market to them aggressively, offering discounted meals, “Golden Oldies” entertainment shows, and complimentary shuttle service—on days when Social Security checks arrive.

How to Patent Your Million Dollar Idea: A growing number of older Americans are filing for patents and some are striking it rich. If you’ve ever had a brilliant idea for an invention, you’ve probably wondered if you could get a patent and make some money from it. Here, you can learn how.

9 Ways Your Mate Can Affect Your Health: While we often hear that marriage makes us healthier, in some cases a spouse may be the reason that you’re sick. Learn nine ways that a spouse’s health condition or the relationship itself can have positive and negative effects, from chronic pain to better eating habits. 

HPV Cancer On The Rise: Middle-aged men are being hit hard; here’s what you need to know. More and more men who are healthy and in their 40s to 60s are being diagnosed with a form of throat cancer that targets the tonsils and the back of the tongue—an area called the oropharynx. Public health experts warn that the number of cases in men over age 50 will rise dramatically in the coming years. But what is causing this type of cancer? Human papillomavirus, or HPV, the same virus that causes cervical cancer in women. Shockingly, HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer is projected to overtake cervical cancer by 2020.

A Generation Gives Back: Can older volunteers change the world by reaching out to America’s youth? When they were young, boomers defied their elders on everything from civil rights, gender equality, gay liberation and Vietnam to sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. Now as they become elders themselves, some boomers are feeling tugged again toward activism. There’s never before been so many older adults with so much energy and enthusiasm—and with this, boomers are participating in cross-generational giving.


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