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  • Jan 3, 2018
    A new report challenging the brain-health benefits of caffeine, red wine and dark chocolate. 29 places where harmful bacteria hide at your supermarket. The shocking assault by con artists on America’s vets and their families. How to get your wishes by command with new voice-activated “smart speakers”.

    WASHINGTON, DC—Nearly half of older workers have changed jobs since turning 50. Although it may seem daunting to some, starting over doesn’t mean you’re starting from scratch. In the January/February issue, AARP Bulletin highlights 16 people who reinvented their careers after age 50 and reveals how they found deeper joy and satisfaction – and often, financial success. From a corporate attorney turned organic farmer to a cancer survivor reclaiming her health as a skincare entrepreneur, or a former pastor finding a second life as a bed and breakfast owner, AARP Bulletin highlights how they achieved prosperity and how you can too.