Feb 1, 2023
Exclusives From AARP The Magazine: Tom Brady On Retirement And His Future, Roma Downey On Living Every Day Like It’s Your Last, Sam Waterston On The Urgency Of Climate Change, And How To Start Your Own Sexual Revolution at Any Age
Plus: A Look Into the Habits You May Not Realize Are Raising Your Blood Pressure and A Modern User’s Guide To Managing Your Finances and Fending Off Inflation
The February/March 2023 issue of AARP The Magazine
The February/March 2023 issue of AARP The Magazine

WASHINGTON – The February/March 2023 issue of AARP The Magazine (ATM) assures readers that you are never too old for anything. Emmy Award-nominated actress Roma Downey offers 8 lessons that have inspired her to live life to the fullest and never postpone joy regardless of age. Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady reveals his thoughts on what retirement means to him and his hopes for the future. Academy-, Tony-, and Emmy Award-nominated actor Sam Waterston calls for action to fight back against climate change. You’ll even find a no-holds-barred guide to reconnecting with sexual intimacy in your 50s and beyond.

Plus, how to reduce your risk for stroke and a special report to maintaining financial security in times of rising inflation.

In this issue of AARP The Magazine:

The A List – Roma Downey

Emmy Award-nominated actress Roma Downey shares 8 life lessons that taught her to never postpone joy by living everyday like it is your last, from learning something new to spreading kindness to others.  

“What I Know Now” with Sam Waterston

Academy-, Tony-, and Emmy Award-nominated actor Sam Waterston discusses climate change and the need to act, learning his craft from Robert Redford, meeting his wife on a blind date, and his philosophies on aging.

Start Your Own Sexual Revolution

Sexual intimacy may begin to fade after your 50s but that does not mean it is lost. Experts and real people explain that it is never too late to reignite your passions and share their tricks to getting back in the groove.

8 Habits That Are Raising Your Blood Pressure

While exercise, medication, and eating less salt are helpful in decreasing your blood pressure, there are many everyday behaviors you may not realize are undoing all that good. See if any of your personal habits are putting you at risk for stroke and how to make healthier choices.

Cash! A Modern User’s Guide

So much of personal finance discussion focuses on savings and investments. But every bit as crucial is being smart about how you handle your day-to-day cash, be it where to stash your paycheck or how to best pay a bill. This guide gives you everything you need to know about the legal tender in your wallet, the savings in your accounts, the digital payments at the checkout counter and the old coins in your drawer. 

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