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Jan 19, 2016
4 in 10 Experienced Workers Inclined to Search for a New Gig in New Year
Vast Majority Want Higher Wages

Washington DC – A new national survey of experienced workers finds that nearly 4 in 10 may try to find a new job in 2016. Not surprisingly, given the Great Recession and general economic turmoil during the past decade, those who say they are likely to seek a new job cite “more money” (74%) as the leading motivator for looking. 
“The economy may be doing better these days,” said AARP Senior Vice President Jean Setzfand. “But a lot of workers are still worried about their paychecks. While our survey, which included many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, found most people looking want more money, we also found a wide variety of reasons for their job search rationale.” 
The survey, conducted for AARP’s new career website,, finds that of the approximately 4 in ten inclined to seek new work this year,  23% are either extremely or very likely to try to find a new job this year, and another 16% say that they are somewhat likely to job-seek during that period.
Large percentages of those surveyed mention career growth potential (21%), better workforce flexibility (25%), more enjoyable work (30%), as well as better health benefits (28%) as reasons they plan to seek new work in 2016.
Added Setzfand:  “Things are so fluid that many of those likely to switch jobs this year say they do not expect to stay in the same industry. An even larger group of job searchers do not know what type of business they will end up in at all.”
Among the other highlights:

  • Those who were surveyed who are already looking for a new job say the tools most commonly used in their search are online listings (62%), personal contacts (40%), and company career listings (33%).
  • Most of those surveyed (62%) are currently employed, and a solid majority (66%) have been in the same job for at least five years, pointing up the need for likely job seekers to update their skills.
  • A quarter (24%) of those likely to switch say that they do not expect to stay in the same industry. An even larger percentage (42%) do not know what type of business they will end up in.
  • Age discrimination (42%) is listed as the biggest obstacle to gaining a new job, followed by “not being offered enough money” (37%), a poor regional or local labor market (24 %) and “lack of availability of full-time jobs with benefits” (23%). provides information, tools and connections to a variety of resources, many of which will be expanded this year. Among other items, the website includes a job search engine, a list of companies that recognize the value of experienced workers and recruit across diverse age groups, and tips for workers of all experience levels looking for work or exploring workplace options.
Methodology: The AARP “Experiences with Work” survey was conducted online and unbranded with Phi Power Communications, Inc. among a nationally representative sample of 1,291 Americans ages 35 to 64 from November 8 to November 14, 2015.  The margin of error is +/- 2.9%.


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