May 7, 2018
May AARP Bulletin Special Report
Health Fixes: What Really Works (And What Not To Waste A Nickel On) To Help You Live Better and Healthier
May AARP Bulletin Special Report

Ballot Clout: Older Voters Key in 2018 Midterms 
Rx Safety: Pill Bottles Get Better Labels 
Facebook Fears: New Tips To Keep Your Info Safe
Healthy Savings: Stash Cash Now For Future Medical Costs
Living Longer: How “Perennial”Power Can Benefit America

WASHINGTON, DC — Is coconut oil good for your heart? Is microneedling for skin rejuvenation the real deal? Who needs to be gluten-free? Which natural pain remedy provides genuine relief? The May issue of AARP Bulletin cuts through the latest health trends, hot weight-loss plans, celebrity-recommended health products and popular remedies to reveal which are legitimate and which to ignore. Through interviews with dozens of doctors and based on more than 150 studies, this special feature also provides dozens of better, more proven ways to improve your health and better care for your heart, brain, digestion, and appearance. 

Other stories in the May issue:

Midterm Elections
The Power of The Older Voter:
In an election year in which a new issue seems to capture the attention of the American electorate every day, one fact remains constant: If political candidates want to win, they’d better pay attention to older voters. This investigative report looks at the growing clout of the older voter: How they have remained the most active demographic at the polls for years, even as their numbers have surged. It also reveals that the issues they base their vote on defies conventional wisdom. 

Building a Better Prescription Bottle:
Ever find the instructions on your prescription bottle baffling? You’re not alone. Nearly half of people taking medication say they’ve been confused by a label. Nonprofits, companies and the VA are working to make prescription labels simpler, a critical line of defense against medication errors and harmful effects.

Your Secret Retirement Investment:
If you have health insurance through work you might have access to a health savings account (HSA). HSAs usually work similar to its better-known cousin, the health care flexible spending account (FSA). But unlike an FSA, HSAs can hold thousands of unused dollars for years until you need them. Learn more about this hidden gem and the triple tax-free advantage that not even a 401(k) or IRA can match. 

Consumer Protection
Protect Yourself on Facebook:
Countless Facebook members threatened to dump the social network after it was disclosed that a political consulting firm improperly snagged profile information from millions of members. Facebook has vowed to protect its users. But until changes are made, AARP Bulletin outlines the steps you can take now to protect yourself. 

Disrupt Aging
Living Longer: How “Perennial” Power Can Benefit America:
Stanford’s top aging expert Laura Carstensen discusses the power of ‘perennials’—America’s older citizens and the nation’s greatest unused resource. Carstensen shares how aging improves us and the benefits of multigenerational workforces. 

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