Mar 1, 2018
March AARP Bulletin Special Report
What They Know That You Don’t: Insider Secrets of Doctors, Plumbers, Cops, Mechanics, Vets, Waiters and 14 Other Pros
•Walking prescriptions: A walk is a proven way to treat a host of ailments, but not everyone should take the same path
•Progress & hope for 5 health conditions
•How will the tax overhaul affect your 2018 return? We ran the numbers for 6 households to find out
•Death notice double-cross: Be careful with obituaries – scam artists are reading
•A pioneering referee, Dee Kantner,57, still has hoops madness and reflects on a career of calling the shots in a man’s world
AARP Bulletin March 2018 Issue

WASHINGTON, DC—In the March issue, AARP Bulletin spills over 90 secrets from experts and professionals that will save readers money, time and hassle. The feature reveals tips on cutting costs at the doctor and dentist, protecting your home from burglars, making the most of dining out, stretching your dollars when shopping online, and considering options when buying or selling your home.

From a flight attendant’s tips on choosing the best seats on a plane and packing for your next trip, to a car mechanic’s recommendations on vehicle maintenance, AARP Bulletin uncovers what the experts know that you don't and the well-meaning advice you should ignore. Watch and share our “What the Experts Won’t Tell You” videos for the best insider tips from a veterinarian, realtor and fishmonger.

Other stories in the March issue:


  • Walking Prescriptions: Walking has been scientifically proven to help treat a host of ailments. But not everyone should take the same pathIn this month’s issue, AARP Bulletin prescribes specific, unique walks that can help remedy high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, insomnia and diabetes.
  • Progress & Hope for 5 Health Conditions: Not so long ago, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or lupus meant lifelong disability, chronic pain and even an early death. But thanks to a flurry of medical advances in recent years, these and other once-debilitating conditions are, or soon may be, tamed. This fascinating roundup reveals the latest advances and treatments for each of these conditions. 


  • The New Tax Law and You: The recently passed overhaul of the U.S. tax code is already affecting the way many companies do business. But how will the plan affect the income taxes of older Americans? In this month’s issue, AARP Bulletin has H&R Block run the taxes of seven hypothetical households for 2017 and 2018 to reveal how their taxes will change next year. You will be shocked to discover who actually will pay more!


  • Death Notice Double-Cross, Be Careful With Obituaries—Scam Artists Are Reading: It’s never wise to let strangers know your name, address, birth date, birthplace, family members’ names or even hobbies, whether you post the info on social media, take surveys or fill out product registration forms. But obituaries can take the risk to a whole new level. When published in newspapers and websites, they can spoon-feed scammers the precise nuggets they need. Here’s advice on honoring the departed without putting the rest of your family at risk.


  • How I Continue to Rule the Court: Dee Kantner, 57, a trailblazing college and professional basketball referee, shares what it’s like to be running fast with elite athletes and reflects on making a career of calling the shots in a man’s world.

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