Jan 3, 2019
January/February AARP Bulletin: 99 Ways to Add Healthy Years to Your Life
Experts Offer Simple, Practical Tips to Boost Energy, Prevent Disease and Grow Your Possibilities in 2019

WASHINGTON, DC -  Are you ready for a healthier new year? AARP Bulletin launches the ultimate resolution checklist that includes 99 research-supported lifestyle tweaks, insights and tips that help people age 50-plus reduce disease risk, boost brain power and feel healthier and happier. This collection of tips provides a holistic approach to total health – in easy-to-do steps.

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Check out new ways to self-monitor your health, including the best ways to build strong bones, new ways to detect life-robbing stress, how to use nature as a source to improve your immune system, and much more.

Other stories in the January issue:

Your Health

  • My Late-Life Awakening: Journalist and filmmaker Peter Gerstenzang struggled with mental health issues his entire adult life – until he was finally properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 61. Suddenly, his world blossomed. In this extraordinary report, he shares his and others' stories of late-life bipolar diagnoses, and ponders the question: Why did it take so many doctors and so many years to figure this out?

Your Money

  • Pajama Jobs!: These five people have found fulfilling, well-paid jobs that let them work right out of their own homes. In fact, work-from-home jobs are a goal for many older Americans, but fraud, fear, and lack of know-how keep many from fulfilling their dream. Kerry Hannon, AARP jobs expert, tells tales of success; offers advice on how to get a dream job from home; but also shows how to spot a bogus work-from-home pitch.
  • 5 Things to Know about Annuities: An annuity can offer guaranteed income for life, but are they the right choice for you? AARP Bulletin explores pros and cons of purchasing an annuity, as well as options with varying degrees of risk.

Your Life

  • Joe Namath, 50 Years Later: On the anniversary of his Super Bowl III epic performance, one of America's most beloved sports heroes relives the game that made him a legend. 'Broadway Joe' talks about the moment and the game, and reveals what keeps him going after all these years.
  • How to Better Help Grandkids: Jackie and Mike Bezos, parents of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, are on a mission to support children's early brain development. They talk with AARP Bulletin about their efforts, and how easy it is for grandparents to have a much greater positive impact on their grandkids.
  • How You Give Away Info to Scammers: How do criminals know so much about you? Most Americans don't realize the many ways they share private info. Here are ways you can rein that in.
  • Out of the Cocoon: The author behind the Cocoon movie and books was 41 when he conceived the much-revered story; now at 81, he shares what he got right and wrong about aging, and what's changed for older Americans.


  • How a New Congress Can Make a Difference: AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins welcomes newly elected lawmakers to Washington, and details the many opportunities they have to make America better for older Americans – if they can simply look beyond partisan alignments.

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