Oct 3, 2019
Inside the October/November Issue of AARP The Magazine
An AARP Health Exclusive: 2019 Medical Breakthroughs that Help You Move Easier, Feel Better and Live Longer
The October/November Issue of AARP The Magazine Features Actor Tom Hanks
The October/November Issue of AARP The Magazine

LOS ANGELES—In this month’s issue of ATM, the magazine reveals the newest health super-tools and most important emerging solutions for disease and injury from the leading universities, hospitals and research labs. These medical breakthroughs give people new ways to treat or prevent depression, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other common issues of aging. 

This year’s Medical Breakthroughs roundup includes:

Ways to Live Longer

For those struggling with monitoring diabetes, a new outpatient procedure is in-progress that will give people more control over their blood sugar and – hopefully - decrease the need for insulin. New mammogram technology gives women personal control over the procedure, causing less stress and pain while simultaneously improving the accuracy of the results. Find out what other medical innovations are making waves in the health world.

Get a Move On

An undergarment with robotic muscles aims to aid elderly people who could use an assist when walking. Each suit is customized to fit the wearer’s lifestyle. Read more about how the suit has already changed lives.

Also in this issue of AARP The Magazine:

Tom Hanks on Friendship

EMMY®, Golden-Globe® and Academy Award®-winning actor Tom Hanks’ upcoming biopic – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – is as much a biography of American icon Fred Rogers as it is a spotlight of Rogers’ friendship with journalist Tom Junod. Gathering inspiration for his role as Fred Rogers, Hanks pens an exclusive first-person essay for the October/November issue of AARP The Magazine on the importance of his lifelong friendships with fellow actors George Maguire and MichaelJohn McGann. In it, Hanks earnestly reflects on how his genuine friendship with Maguire and McGann not only skyrocketed his career but also enriched his outlook on life. “They were, and are, my friends,” Hanks reminisces, as “you would not be reading these words otherwise.” Follow Hanks down memory lane with his friends McGann and Maguire.


AARP’s scam expert Doug Shadel reveals how shockingly easy it is to “spoof” a phone call – that is, have a fake phone number pop up on the phone of the person you’re dialing. You just need to download a spoofing mobile app (some versions are free!) from the Apple or Android phone app store and it will allow you to alter your identity. Unbelievably, these tools are often legal. Bottom line: you can no longer trust caller ID. Read up on Shadel’s expert advice and the legality of phone spoofing in this month’s AARP issue.

Money Saver

Absolutely no price can beat “free,” so AARP set out to find legitimate free offerings that are actually worth the effort. Explore nearly two dozen offerings, from a free scoop of ice cream to free dental work for the elderly to free admission at many museums.


Finance expert Jean Chatzky advises a New York couple on how to handle the debt owed on two whole life insurance policies. Read about her expert tips and suggestions on how to address this stressful issue in AARP’s October/November issue. 

Travel Special – Return to Your Roots

The number of older Americans traveling abroad to learn about their family homeland and history pact is surging. In this month’s issue, couples, siblings and individuals share their stories of exploring their ancestral culture and connecting to their homeland for the first time. From meeting long-lost cousins to learning their country’s native language, these individuals discover a deeper meaning to life for which they had always been searching.   

Best-Seller Preview

Best-selling author and journalist Mitch Albom and his wife, Janine, reveal how they found a new purpose later in life. Soon after the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the couple took in Chika Juene, a Haitian orphan who desperately needed medical treatment. Diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) – a rare brain tumor – Chika’s life expectancy was low. Albom shares the touching story of raising Chika, with his wife, and details how Chika bettered their lives. In this month’s issue, read exclusive excerpts from Albom’s first non-fiction book in over ten years – Finding Chika: A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a Family – out November 2019.

You Be the Judge!

AARP gives readers the chance to play judge (and jury) for the day, sharing five real-life court cases affecting Americans age 50-plus from age discrimination to passing along assets. Determine your ruling and read up on AARP’s advice and lessons from each case. 

The A-List

After two decades in show business, Malaysian actress and former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh continues to dominate on screen, proving that her career isn’t ending any time soon. This fall, Yeoh takes on a new genre – comedy – in the upcoming holiday flick Last Christmas. Also in the A-List, don’t forget to book your reservation to visit the Statue of Liberty to celebrate the very day she graced the Big Apple on October 28, 1886.

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