Oct 7, 2019
October AARP Bulletin: Everything You Think About Saving for Retirement May Be Wrong
AARP Bulletin Provides Four New Rules for Smart Financial Planning

WASHINGTON—When it comes to retirement planning strategies, no one should rely on the classic “rules-of-thumb.”  Many are outdated, or don’t reveal the whole picture. For instance, a penny saved is not necessarily a penny earned – it could be more! In an AARP Bulletin special report, we throw out outdated advice and detail four essential new rules to take control of your retirement. The feature includes a new way to think about wealth, complete with a worksheet to determine your actual, practical wealth amount. It may be more than you expected.

Get the latest advice on 401(k)s, Social Security and other retirement planning tools and strategies in this month’s cover story.

Other stories in the October issue:

Your Health

  • When Doctors Go Off-Script: Roughly 20 percent of all prescriptions written by doctors are for usages that weren’t approved by the FDA. Is this simply good doctoring, good marketing by drug companies, or something else entirely? Find out the facts on off-label pharmaceutical drug prescription and what considerations you should weigh when your doctor advises an off-label use for a drug. Moreover, learn about how pharmaceutical companies have landed in hot water for illegally promoting off-label uses of their products directly to doctors. Finally, be sure to read our checklist on the six questions you should ask your doctor about any new prescription.
  • Seven Essential Nutritional Superfoods: Fruits and vegetables have been shown to have myriad health benefits for your brain and your body. But which ones provide the best nutritional bang for your buck? One proven strategy is to fill your supermarket basket with a colorful rainbow of fresh foods. We break down these superfood categories in our easy guide. Learn about the seven produce types you should put in your cart every time you visit the grocery store.

Fraud Watch

  • Sweepstakes Scams Stage A Comeback: This month, we report on the resurgence of a once-popular hoax: the Publishers Clearing House imposter scam. Via phone call, crooks ask for money in exchange for a big sweepstakes prize, sometimes claiming that a fee must be paid on the prize before winners can receive their cash. One big red flag for consumers is that Publisher’s Clearing House – the real one – will never ask for a fee to collect a prize. Learn about other ways to spot this scam and avoid falling for it yourself by reading this month’s Fraud Watch.

Your Money

  • Money Leaks (And How to Plug Them): Spending less is just one way to build up your finances; another is to identify and plug the hidden money “leaks” that many of us don’t even realize are occurring. For example, did you know that Americans typically throw out 30 percent of the food they buy? Cut that to under 10 percent, and you could save thousands in a year! Discover seven cash drainers that are easily plugged and that could make a huge difference in your savings.

Your Life

  • Q&A with John Cleese: The legendary Monty Python comedian is now an author and a professor at Cornell University. In this month’s Q&A, John Cleese gives his take on the role of comedy today: “As I’ve aged, I’ve found the world far, far more ridiculous than I used to think it was.” Nothing is off the table in this Q&A, as Cleese discusses his views on political correctness, turning 80 and the meaning of life.  

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