Nov 5, 2019
November AARP Bulletin: The Secret to Good Health & Longer Life?
Studies Suggest Inflammation May Be the Common Trigger Point for Many Deadly Diseases

WASHINGTON—The health risks of chronic inflammation have been talked about by doctors and researchers for decades, but only in the past few years have studies made clear the importance of the issue. Their findings indicate that the very mechanisms in your body that fight disease may also be triggering many of the most serious, and even deadly, diseases of aging.

The good news is that lifestyle changes and dietary tweaks can help reduce inflammation in your body. To help understand chronic low-grade inflammation and how to fight it, AARP spoke with top experts in the medical field to create a guide in this month’s AARP Bulletin special report.

Other stories in the November issue include:

In the News

  • Sparks of Hope: On November 8, 2018, a wildfire destroyed roughly 90 percent of the homes and about half the businesses in a town in California called Paradise. A year later, many residents refuse to give up on their home town. And older residents are leading the charge, rebuilding homes and restarting businesses. Read more about this inspirational story – which is particularly relevant today, as more fires ravage California – in this month’s special news report.

Your Money

  • How to Get the Best Car Loan: Nowadays, shopping for a car loan can be as tricky as shopping for a car. The number one influencer of your ability to get a loan, or the interest rate you’ll pay is your credit score. Of course, that’s not the whole picture. Check out the top tips to get the best rates when shopping for a car loan. And be sure to fill out our exclusive and surprisingly clever “How Much Car Can You Afford” worksheet to help you determine how much you’ll be able to afford, from the maximum amount you should aim to borrow to the total annual cost of operating your new vehicle.
  • 5 Must-Have Shopping Apps: Once, coupon-clipping was every shopper’s standard practice. Today, consumers should be doing a similar ritual, but online. With gift-giving season coming up, here are shopping apps and extensions for your phone or computer that guarantee you get the lowest price; find every available coupon; and/or get you cash back on your purchases made online.

Fraud Watch

  • Social Media Scams: Each of today’s popular social media channels has its own twist, and scammers have learned to use those distinctions to get all the information they need to carry out their crimes. Discover in this month’s popular Fraud Watch column how thieves use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even social games like Words With Friends to learn all about you in preparation for trying to scam you.

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