Dec 2, 2019
December AARP Bulletin: Great Places To Live
AARP Bulletin Profiles 5 Cities That Are Innovating New Ways to Retain and Serve Americans of All Ages

WASHINGTON—Are you searching for a better lifestyle? Read up on these five American cities, each of which is taking bold steps to become more livable for residents of all ages. In this month’s Bulletin, AARP profiles communities that are showing courage, foresight and commitment to becoming more viable and affordable for its older residents – and investing in changes that serve its younger citizens as well.

Discover how smart cities are improving their transportation, making housing more affordable, adding more green space and walkways, and merging residential and commercial districts to create vibrant hubs where people can live, work and play in the same region. From West Sacramento, which has personalized its busing system, to Fort Worth, TX, which has implemented a “blue zone” program to bolster its residents’ health, here are inspiring stories of leadership done right.

Other stories in the December issue include:

Your Money

  • Jane Bryant Quinn Gives Her Parting Advice: After 10 years of writing for The Bulletin and nearly 50 years writing on personal finance, advice columnist Jane Bryant Quinn publishes her final edition of “Financially Speaking.” In this summation column, Quinn extols the power of simplicity, living within one’s means, having your will and other financial papers in good order, and then moving on with your life in confidence. She will be living her own version of this advice by spending the next year living in Rome.
  • 5 Things to Know About Medical Debt: Unlike other forms of debt, medical debt is usually unexpected –likely the outcome of a sudden, major injury or illness. And for many Americans, it can crush their finances; 37 percent of Americans filing for bankruptcy say medical debt was “very much” a factor. But owing a hospital or doctor is different than owing a bank. This concise, thorough and useful guide shows how to manage medical debt with the least disruption to your financial well-being.

Your Health

  • The Rise of Tainted Drugs: Several high-profile recalls of popular drugs this autumn have rattled consumer confidence in certain medicines. The common factor is that these were manufactured overseas. Experts share whether there is any danger in taking pills made in other countries, and how to respond to the recent recalls.
  • The Truth About Meat in Your Diet:  This past September, researchers claimed in a major medical journal that red and processed meat intake might not be as unhealthy as the health establishment long thought. The debate has been loud and intense ever since. To get the full picture about the healthiness of meat in your diet, AARP Bulletin interviewed the experts to explain the research and how consumers should interpret it. Read this month’s AARP issue to learn the latest news, and why so many experts think the new study is flawed.

Fraud Watch

  • Training Tellers to Spot Fraud: AARP BankSafe is a training platform that teaches bank tellers and other employees to spot the red flags of financial abuse among their older customers, and when discovered, how to take appropriate action. It’s a win-win for older Americans and financial institutions, who both stand to lose millions of dollars to these types of scams. Crooks are the only losers. Find out more about the AARP BankSafe program and about other ways to protect yourself in this month’s Fraud Watch.

Your Life

  • Travel for One: The number of older Americans – particularly women – taking dream vacations on their own is skyrocketing, and finally, the travel industry is responding. Several are getting rid of penalty costs for single travelers, and in some cases, are encouraging single travelers to join others like them on cruises and other organized travel opportunities. Discover why the trend is rising, and find out how to safely and confidently book a vacation for one to distant locales.

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