Mar 5, 2019
March AARP Bulletin: What They Know That You Don’t
Doctors, Money Managers, Retailers and Other Industry Pros Reveal Their Insider Secrets to Save Time, Cut Costs and Live Smarter

WASHINGTON—In a reprise of one of its most popular ever cover packages, AARP Bulletin March issue reveals the insider secrets and little-shared tips of 22 experts to help readers navigate the worlds of health, fitness, finance, homeownership, travel and more with the confidence of a pro. This fresh and surprising compilation of expert advice provides nearly 100 ways to help save time, cut costs and live smarter.

Should you really use club soda to remove a stain? What tools might you bring when bargain shopping for jewelry? Why participate in job interviews even if you are not looking? These interviews – among the 22 are a cardiologist, paint store owner, butcher, home inspector, surgeon and computer consultant – debunk many long-held beliefs and reveal new and better ways to live well.

Other stories in the March issue:

Your Health

  • 11 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep: Who knew that reading a book in bed might make it harder to fall asleep, or that blue light suppresses melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone? Doctors recommend seven or more hours sleep per night to support good health, but not everyone is able to fulfill this requirement. Are you among the one-third of adults who aren’t getting the required amount of shut-eye? Discover many unexpected causes of insomnia, and how to bypass them. 

Your Money

  • Here’s When You’re Most Vulnerable to Scam Calls: Research shows that you are much more likely to succumb to fraudulent pitches at different times of the day, and on different days of the week. AARP’s Fraud Watch Network uncovers details of a fascinating large-scale study on fraud patterns, and shows when we’re most vulnerable to scammers and at greatest risk of innocently disclosing our private information (hint: Don’t answer the phone at 4 p.m. on Fridays!).
  • Student Debt Affecting Older Americans Too: Increasingly, older generations are becoming more likely to owe money for college – for themselves, their children, or their grandchildren. AARP Public Policy Institute reports that the figure for 50-plus Americans with student loan debt has more than tripled in recent years. The danger: these are often large debts at high interest rates that take decades to pay off, usually long past retirement age. The March Bulletin shares important guidelines to follow to deal with your debt.
  • ABCs of Credit Bureaus: They were just in the news again, as Congress ponders whether to issue more regulations and oversight on the companies that gather and share our credit information. The Bulletin answers all your questions on how they operate, why they exist and how you can protect your information that they legally hold.

Your Life

  • Housemate Wanted; Must Lift Heavy Objects: Older Americans seeking companionship, mutual care and a less expensive living situation are increasingly finding living with roommates to be a viable option. Many retirees are living together to care for one another. However, living with another person who is not family isn’t always easy. Check out some of the tips to make sure you find the right roommate. 


  • AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program is the country’s largest free tax-preparation program. Its volunteers are trained on current tax code and are on the ground in every state to help taxpayers, particularly those with low to moderate income. To learn more visit

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