Jul 1, 2019
July/August AARP Bulletin: Best of ‘99 Great Ways to Save’
10th Annual Collection of Clever Money-Saving Tips Includes “Best of the Best” Advice, Plus Many All-New Frugality Tricks and Resources

WASHINGTON—One of AARP’s most popular content franchises, “99 Great Ways to Save,” is back for its 10th consecutive year. The 2019 collection features 50 of the “best of the best” ideas from years past, freshly updated for these changing times. Plus, we’ve gone to many of our most reliable resources – experts like Bob Vila (on home costs), Pauline Frommer (travel costs) and Jean Chatzky (smarter savings) – for all-new ways to save. We highlight dozens of the most useful mobile-phone apps and digital services to help people save. Consumers can find useful advice for every aspect of their lives: health, travel, entertainment, credit/loans, investing, shopping and more. Read this month’s AARP Bulletin to begin your savvy savings journey.

Other stories in the July/August issue:

Your Money

  • The Pension Crisis at Congress’s Door: Multiemployer pension plans are failing at an alarming rate. Already, tens of thousands of workers, retirees and spouses have seen pension payments cut drastically as funds become depleted; over a million more people’s pensions are now at risk. Get the hard facts and learn about proposed solutions.
  • Social Security’s Payoff for Staying on the Job: Most people know that the longer you wait to claim Social Security, the larger your monthly checks will be. Personal finance expert Jane Bryant Quinn’s column details a much-less-understood reason to work longer, one that could mean tens of thousands of dollars in incremental Social Security payments for individuals.

Your Health

  • What the Heck Is a Keto Diet? Lots of popular diet programs are built on this unusual approach to dieting, in which you eat mostly fats. But is the science legitimate, and is the approach appropriate for older people seeking to lose weight? In this useful, up-to-date primer on the keto diet trend, you’ll find the honest answers: whether it’s safe, effective or advisable, particularly for people age 50-plus with weight-loss ambitions. You’ll have the full skinny – and clear next steps – after reading our expert guidance.

Fraud Watch

  • Beware of Offers for a Free Cancer Screening: In one of the newest twists on America’s largest scam (Medicare fraud, which costs the U.S. $60 billion a year), crooks are promising free DNA cancer tests – and then using Medicare numbers provided by older Americans to bill the government for outrageous amounts for minimal to no services delivered. Other news and advice is offered in the “Fraud Watch” package.

Your Life

  • A Q&A with George Takei: The “Star Trek” icon discusses his ongoing journey over the past five decades in television, social media and activism. At the 50-year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, Takei reflects on the fight for LGBT rights. “It’s profoundly important… In 50 years, gays have gone from being looked at with contempt and disgust to a point where we have a credible gay candidate for president. Fifty years in America can do amazing things.”  He recalls his childhood years in an internment camp for Japanese Americans and how the experience motivated him to improve our democracy. Takei discusses aging as “going boldly where you haven’t been before,” his new book and his upcoming TV miniseries.
  • There For You, Where You Live: To cap AARP’s yearlong 60th anniversary, we pay tribute to our 60,000 volunteers (and also the AARP teams in 53 regional offices) who serve, teach, lobby and even throw parties in most every neighborhood in America. Whether its avalanche preparedness training in Alaska, sponsoring a surfing competition in Puerto Rico, retraining factory workers in Connecticut or teaching Native Americans about Social Security and Medicare in their native language, these people and events show that AARP is there for our members, wherever they live, helping them age as they choose.

More information can be found at: http://www.aarp.org/bulletin/


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