Oct 30, 2020
AARP Bulletin Exclusive: Total “Financial Reset” Guide for Life During and After the Pandemic
November Issue Provides Complete Do-It-Now Personal Finance Toolkit to Assess Damage Done and Show How to Adjust to Still Meet Your Retirement Needs
November 2020 Issue of AARP Bulletin Cover

WASHINGTONAfter a big storm, the captain of any ship does three things: check for damage, see if they are off course and make sure provisions are still safe. Every American should be checking the same things right now with their finances, as a result of the largest economic storm to hit our country in decades, says the November issue of the AARP Bulletin.

This month’s cover story offers 18 questions to ask yourself about your savings, cash flow, housing situation, work, and retirement planning, in the wake of nine months of economic turmoil. Then, it gives specific guidance on how to move forward, based on your answers. Whether it’s a question about the best time to downsize your home to if you should reallocate your retirement investments, financial planners like Jean Chatzky and Allan Roth are there to help you get back on track toward your goals. The Bulletin also provides resources to help you find ways to make new money, get a fresh job and fix your resume. Find out how to begin the process in the November issue.

Other Stories in AARP Bulletin include:


  • Doonesbury Turns 50!: In a rare and exclusive interview, famed cartoonist Garry Trudeau tells how he has sustained one of America’s most popular comic strips for a half century. Trudeau shares his favorite panels, his assessment of his drawing skills, why he decided to let his characters age, and more. Plus: Garry drew a Doonesbury panel exclusive for AARP!

Fraud Watch

  • A Jailed Con Man Shares His Secrets: After 30 years of writing and designing fraudulent sweepstakes mailings, this scammer-for-hire was finally put behind bars in 2018. In an all-afternoon in-prison interview with fraud expert Doug Shadel, he shared all his secrets of how he convinced some 400,000 victims to mail $50 million in bogus fees – and that was just one client! Learn the words, the colors, the images, the gimmicks he used and abused to get everyday folk to succumb to his bogus mailings.

Your Health

  • How to Stay Safe While Celebrating the Holidays: Is it safe to have a full table at Thanksgiving, or a family gathering at Christmas? Should you go to a holiday party at work? If you go, what should you do to protect yourself from the coronavirus? Medical experts give the latest guidance, based on new scientific findings, on holiday COVID risks, and how to celebrate sensibly. This is a Q&A every older American should read.

Your Money

  • The Best Deal I Ever Got!: Living Well for Less columnist Lisa Lee Freeman asked four top experts on frugal shopping about the best deal they ever got, and to give their best advice for how you too can get something at 50 percent off or more. Learn how one expert got two new toilets for his home (retail price: $300) for just $50!

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