Feb 27, 2020
March AARP Bulletin: Smart Money Action Plan By Suze Orman
In An Exclusive Adaptation from Her New Book, Orman Reveals the 10 Crucial Steps to Take Right Now for a Secure and Happy Retirement

WASHINGTONYou don’t stumble into a great retirement, you plan it and then make it happen, says Suze Orman, one of America’s most beloved and respected money experts in the new issue of AARP Bulletin. To help all Americans over 50 realize their retirement dreams, Suze provides a list of 10 things to do RIGHT NOW to make sure that you have the resources you need to have a secure and happy future, no matter how many decades long it turns out to be.

These steps – from “rightsizing” your car to recalibrating your financial relationship with your children – are appropriate for anyone 50 or over to take … and the sooner done, the better! Underlying them all is your greatest asset, says Suze: “Your spirit – your attitude – is the key component in creating your ultimate retirement.”

Adapted from her new book “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime,” Suze’s Smart Money Action Plan also contains heartwarming – and heartbreaking – stories from Orman’s life. In addition, she maps out in colorful illustration exactly what to do with the money you save so that you can start to accumulate interest on your new savings-rich life.

Other stories in the March issue include:

In The News

  • An Exclusive Interview with the New Commissioner of Social Security: Andrew M. Saul started his career managing retail clothing chains. Now, he is in charge of the Social Security Administration (SSA), one of the largest and most important operations in the federal government. In his first public interview as commissioner, Saul tells AARP Bulletin how he plans to improve SSA, starting with its customer service. He has already cut the call wait times, which used to be as long as 40 minutes, by about half. “I think if you watch over the next six months, we will get the call centers down to the proper waiting time, which will be close to zero,” Saul said. The new commissioner also discusses changes to disability benefits and efforts to combat Social Security scams. Read the exclusive interview in this month’s issue.
  • Anti-Robocall Measure Signed Into Law: Phones in the US receive more than 150 million robocalls per day. However, that number may plummet, thanks to new federal legislation called the TRACED Act. The bill imposes a $10,000-per-offense penalty on scammers using illegal robocall tactics. Read this month’s issue to learn more about the new law.

Fraud Watch

  • Penny Stocks Redux: Popular in the 1990s, penny stock scams usually involved investment brokers cold-calling prospective investors to sell them worthless stocks. These cons are back, and they have evolved. Nowadays, phony penny stock pitches can come from many sources, including email, social media and TV ads. Learn how to spot the warning signs and avoid getting scammed in this month’s issue of Fraud Watch.

Your Health

  • Why Eating Organic Matters: It’s easy to spot at least one major difference between organic and non-organic foods: The price on the tag. However, recent studies suggest that organic and locally grown foods might indeed be healthier. Fruits and vegetables are not the only foods that have difference between local and non-local counterparts, however. The nutrient composition of meat can also be affected by what happens on the farm. Two food experts explain what sets these foods apart, and whether the benefits are worth the cost.

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