Feb 3, 2020
Inside the February/March Issue of AARP The Magazine: The Surprising Impact of Financial Infidelity on Marriage
Special “Love & Money” Report Reveals That Financial Cheating Can Hurt a Relationship More than Sexual Cheating. Also: A Shocking Financial Scam Conducted by Prison Inmates!

WASHINGTON—There’s more than one kind of cheating in a marriage. Financial infidelity – when one partner hides big expenses, secrets away money, or silently squanders savings – is more widespread than people realize, and often can lead to irreparable damage to a relationship and even divorce, according to an in-depth report in the February-March issue of AARP the Magazine. In fact, about 75% of partnered adults say that a relationship they’ve been in has been affected by financial deception. Learn the many types of money deceptions occurring in American marriages, why it happens, and what can be done if it happens in your own relationship.

Also part of the “Love & Money” special report: A stunning first-person tale of how one family’s finances were nearly wiped out by the incessant money needs of their aging parents – and the “never again” lessons they learned that all people should heed. Plus, an AARP exclusive survey reveals the hard numbers of parental support. Nearly one-third of adults report having given money to their parents in the past 12 months!

Also in this issue of AARP The Magazine:

The Eyes Have It
Floaters, blurriness, a casual itch – are these eye symptoms we can simply rub away or ignore? In this first of a six-part, year-long series titled Vision 2020, AARP the Magazine shows the potential seriousness of 10 common eye symptoms, what the underlying condition might be, and what to do if you’re experiencing the symptom. As Rahul Khurana, physician and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, claims, “It’s not normal to be losing vision as you get older, and there’s usually an underlying reason.”

When Prison Calls

On the phone, you’d swear they were who they claimed to be: local police, alerting you that you had missed jury duty, and that if you didn’t pay the fine immediately you’d spend time in jail. But these extraordinarily convincing “cops” were actually inmates in a prison in Georgia, operating a national scam via illegally smuggled-in cell phones that netted them well over $1 million. In this truly shocking and fascinating fraud tale, you’ll meet the criminals; learn their techniques; and follow along in the investigation that ultimately led to 51 people being found guilty to various charges.

Cover Story: Shania Twain
Legendary country singer Shania Twain shares her extraordinary tale of rebound and rediscovery after 16 tough years out of the limelight. Following the huge worldwide successes of her 20s, Shania lost the ability to sing due to a health issue that took years to accurately diagnose. A few years after that, Shania’s marriage fell apart, leaving her in the lowest state of her life. But through wisdom, perseverance, and hard work Shania is back in every way -- topping the Billboard country and pop album Top 200 charts, starring in upcoming movie I Still Believe with Gary Sinise, and now happily remarried. Read more about how Shania surpassed all the obstacles in her way and transitioned into the new and resilient woman she is today. 

‘Do You Believe in Miracles?’
Rewind 40 years and relive what is considered by many the greatest sporting moment in American history: the ‘Miracle On Ice,’ when a young, amateur U.S. hockey team stunned the world in the 1980 Winter Olympics by overcoming the long-dominant and heavily favored Russian team. The story, compiled from interviews with dozens of first-hand participants, gives a play-by-play account of the months leading up to the game; the game itself; and the repercussions it had – and still have, even today.

America by River

Did you know that America has six rivers and inland waterways that offer cruise ship vacations? The river cruise industry is absolutely booming in America, and goes far beyond just paddleboats on the Mississippi: cruise ships can be found on the Hudson River in New York; the Columbia and Snake rivers in Washington; even the inland rivers of Florida. These cruises are relaxing, educational (many are history themed) and surprisingly comfortable, despite being on much smaller ships than those ocean-bound. Learn all about the new wave in cruise vacations, and which might be right for different interests and vacation personalities.

Forest Whitaker – ‘What I Know Now’
Acclaimed actor and Academy Award®-winner, Forest Whitaker, reflects on humbling times from his youth, provides lessons he has learned professionally and personally, and risks that he has taken. While reflecting on moments, he remains modest and strives to continue learning. He states, “I still have questions. What is important? Am I getting better? Sometimes I feel like I’ve figured it out, and I’ll apply all the things I figured out – and it doesn’t work. At some point, I thought it should all coalesce.”

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