Jul 1, 2020
AARP Bulletin Reveals 99 Clever Ways to Save
11th Annual Roundup of Money-Saving Tips Includes Advice from Experts, Plus New Ways to Save During a Pandemic

WASHINGTON– AARP’s “99 Great Ways to Save” is back with all-new clever tips for cheaper groceries, lower bills, DIY cost cutters, secret discounts and more. In the 2020 collection, older adults can find savings advice from personal finance experts like Lisa Rowan and Andrew Fiebert on everything from home improvement savings to online shopping tools to beauty products. Plus, we’ve got a special report on savvy ways to grocery shop during the coronavirus pandemic including the best time of day to shop and gift card discounts. Read this month’s AARP Bulletin for tips that could save older adults thousands of dollars.

Other stories in the July/August issue:

In the News

Shifting Voter Priorities: Older voters have long said that access to affordable health care is one of their top priorities, but now that the country is undergoing three national crises – a pandemic, an economic depression and protests for racial justice – they are evaluating candidates through a different lens. Find out how the polls say older voters’ priorities have changed from January 2020 to now in this month’s issue.

Your Health

A Vaccine for the 50-Plus?: Medical researchers worldwide are working hard to develop a vaccine, or vaccines, for the novel coronavirus. Their biggest challenge? Making sure it’s effective in the most at-risk population – older adults. As we age, our immune systems become less efficient and vaccines are less effective. In this month’s issue, Paul Duprex, director of the Center for Vaccine Research at the University of Pittsburg, discusses the steps that need to be taken, the progress being made and the likelihood of finding an age-specific vaccine.     

Your Money

Handling Debt Collectors: While credit card issuers, mortgage holders and other lenders are giving temporary reprieve to people during COVID-19, some debt collectors are still pressing on. But their workings can be a mystery to many. AARP Bulletin provides answers to key questions on how collectors operate, what your rights are and what to do when they call.

Fraud Watch

Blackmail Scams on the Rise: Imagine receiving a disturbing email from a stranger claiming that he or she was videotaping you on your computer and was going to expose embarrassing videos of you online – unless you pay up. These blackmail scams are usually a bluff, but they can be very effective. In this month’s Bulletin, learn how to deal with blackmailers with 5 easy step from AARP’s Fraud Watch Helpline. 

Your Life

Is it Misinformation?: With the shift from print to digital, news consumption is more vast and accessible than ever before – but it also has its drawbacks. Because digital news providers store your online data, they can filter what you see, leading some consumers to made-up news. In this month’s issue, learn how to be a smart news consumer with proven ways to detect whether online news is deceptive or false.

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