Sep 25, 2020
October Issue of AARP Bulletin Features Donald Trump and Joe Biden in Their Own Words on Social Security, Medicare, the Economy and Coronavirus
PLUS: AARP Provides Complete State-by-State “How to Vote” Guides for the 2020 Elections

WASHINGTON—With election season in full swing, AARP Bulletin is continuing its tradition of spotlighting the issues most important to older adults in exclusive interviews with President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. In a Q&A format, both candidates discuss their views on Medicare, Social Security, nursing homes, the coronavirus pandemic, voting and many more crucial topics. Find out, in their own words, where they stand in the October issue of the Bulletin. 


The Bulletin continues to publish unique, detailed “how to vote” guides for 53 U.S. states and territories to help older voters know exactly what steps to take (and when) in their state to cast their votes safely and on time. Voters in 26 states received their guides in the September issue, and now voters in the remaining 27 states and territories will receive theirs in the October issue. All 53 “how to vote” guides are available to the general public online.

Other stories in the October AARP Bulletin include:

Your Health

  • How Health Conditions Affect Your COVID Risk: It’s no secret that underlying health conditions make people more vulnerable to COVID-19, but now doctors are starting to understand exactly why that is. Learn how diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems and other illnesses interact with the coronavirus -- and what to do about it.

Your Money

  • How to Return Products Bought Online: COVID-19 has sparked more online shopping – and more returns. Returning items is usually pretty easy, but mistakes still happen, and the pandemic has added new challenges. To avoid any problems, the Bulletin provides eight “gotchas” to beware of, from when your return is rejected to when the company goes bankrupt. 
  • What to do When Retirement Comes Early: COVID-19 has pushed many older workers into retirement years before they had planned, and new retirees may be wondering: How can I afford the gap between now and the age I thought I’d be retiring? AARP Bulletin offers pointers on spending, health coverage, retirement savings, Social Security and more in the October issue.
  • Signing Away Your Day in Court: Did you know that most contracts today bar you from suing a company if something goes wrong? In the October issue, the Bulletin answers your questions about arbitration clauses, what your rights are under them, and what to do before and after you sign. 

Fraud Watch

  • Use Your State Regulators: When people think about who fights fraud, their mind usually goes to federal regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But state securities regulators can be the best places to go if you’re a victim of investment fraud. Learn why in the October issue of The Bulletin.

Your Life

  • How to End the Password Madness: The average older American now has more than 200 digital accounts with passwords, some dating back over a decade. How to keep them safe and sorted? Learn the three methods that experts say are the only ones you can truly trust.

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