Sep 3, 2020
AARP Bulletin Reveals Why We Get Sick More Often Than Previous Generations – and What to Do About It
Special Report Shows How to Block Winter Virus Attacks (including the Coronavirus), and Reveals the Factors Causing our Immune Systems to Weaken Faster than in the Past; PLUS: AARP Providing Detailed State-by-State “How to Vote” Guides for the 2020 Elections

WASHINGTON Researchers into the human immune system are discovering that a host of environmental, lifestyle and medical issues not faced by previous generations are causing our immune systems to become routinely “dysregulated,” making older adults more susceptible to infections, including the coronavirus.

The exclusive news report details how environmental toxins are contributing to our immune systems being in a constant state of attack, causing a rising number of auto-immune diseases and a weakened response when cold and flu germs enter our body.

But there’s not just hope, but easy and specific steps to reverse this “dysregulation.” The report includes a unique five-part plan to lower your risk of infections and disease this winter, including a morning-to-night guide to bolstering your immunity, a list of six things never to do again, expert tips and more.


For the first time in its history, AARP Bulletin is providing unique, detailed voter guides for 53 U.S. states and territories to help older voters know exactly what steps to take (and when) in their state to cast their votes safely and on time. Voters in 26 states will get their regional guide in the September issue, and AARP members in the remaining 27 states and territories will receive theirs in the October issue. All 53 voter guides are also available to the general public online.

Other stories in the September issue:

Your Money

Your COVID-19 Job Hunt: The coronavirus pandemic has changed how employers hire, what jobs they’re filing and what they’re looking for in applicants. In many ways, older job applicants have some new advantages they can leverage. Read this month’s issue for helpful job-hunting tips and to learn how drastically changed the hiring process has become.

Fraud Watch

Look Out for Customer Service Scams: After googling Amazon’s customer support phone number, a 55-year-old man from Connecticut was victimized into buying $1,000 worth of gift cards. Cases like this are on the rise with scammers now posting fake customer service numbers online and stealing people’s money over the phone. Learn AARP Fraud Watch Network’s five tips for customer service searches in this month’s Bulletin.


AARP Joins Forces with Wish of a Lifetime: Bertha Nunn, 87, had always dreamed of being an actress but set those dreams aside to raise a family. But with help from Wish of a Lifetime, Bertha got to fulfill her lifelong aspiration and appear in a TV commercial for Crest toothpaste, which aired last December. AARP is joining with Wish of a Lifetime, an organization started by former U.S. Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom, to help older adults like Bertha realize their lifelong dreams. Read more heartwarming stories in the September issue of the Bulletin.

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