Oct 29, 2021
An AARP Bulletin Special Report: Are We Close to Beating Cancer?
On the 50th anniversary of the U.S. declaring war on the disease, doctors and experts weigh in on progress, disappointments, and what we’ve learned about who cancer strikes and why.

WASHINGTONWhen President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act of 1971 into law, he boldly declared a “war on cancer.” 50 years later, AARP Bulletin writers report that while the progress is real and encouraging, scientists underestimated the complexities and nature of the disease. Today, they note cancer is a “disease of aging,” and that as we live longer, the incidence of the disease is still rising. But new treatments and approaches have greatly increased survival rates for most – but not all – cancers.

This November, the Bulletin offers a comprehensive report on the 50 years of advancements in cancer research, and how the battle against the disease still has room for improvement. Learn about:

  • How increased knowledge about the different types of cancer has led to a massive increase in the supply of available treatments,
  • New research to determine which cells are most likely to turn cancerous – knowledge that could someday lead to medicines or processes that prevent cancer,
  • Why older adults are often given suboptimal care when treated for their cancer, and
  • How to improve your own situation if you are diagnosed with the disease.

Also in the November issue:

Your Money

  • Help Really Wanted: Job-seeking older adults might find that this is the best time to start looking for work – not just because of the number of job opportunities, but also because they have better bargaining power for workplace flexibility. In this month’s issue, learn how to take advantage of the unprecedented uptick in job postings, avoid common application pitfalls and spot discriminatory hiring practices.
  • Tapping Your Home’s Value: Suddenly, most American homeowners see themselves as tens of thousands of dollars richer, thanks to 18 months of surging home prices. But should they tap into those home-value gains, and if so, how? Finance expert Linda Stern confirms that it might be a good time to borrow against your home, but do so smartly. This edition of “Financially Speaking” breaks down the pros, cons and processes.
  • Steer Clear of Fakes: As online shopping has surged, so have sales of counterfeit products. It can be difficult to spot fake products, as the red flags are often hidden from shoppers. What’s worse, counterfeits – such as electrical products – can sometimes put the buyers’ safety at risk. Learn what precautions you should take when online shopping in this month’s issue.

Your Life

  • Feeling Lonely? Try Connecting With A Kid: The pandemic has uncovered a public health crisis that has proven to be detrimental to a vulnerable population: loneliness among older adults. That’s why some groups have started intergenerational programs that pair younger adults with older ones. Read this month’s issue of “Your Life” for the free-to-use programs that promote healthy interaction and combat social isolation.

Fraud Watch

  • Finally, Extra Phone Protection: This summer, phone companies took on scam callers. The federal government mandated that carriers offer anti-spoofing technology in their phones, blocking callers with false phone numbers. This month, the Fraud Watch experts discuss how the tool came to be implemented nationally, and other ways carriers are fighting back against scam callers.


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