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Jul 1, 2021
AARP Bulletin’s “99 Great Ways to Save” Shares How to Save Big Dollars in the New Retail Landscape
The 12th Annual Edition of “99 Great Ways to Save” Reveals All-New Tricks and Tools for Slashing Costs and Lowering Bills

WASHINGTON—AARP’s “99 Great Ways to Save” is back with a brand-new roundup of savings advice for a vastly changed post-pandemic retail marketplace. In the past 18 months, many national chains have closed, online shopping has surged, and a whole new breed of entrepreneurial service and product providers has emerged. This year’s curated list offers money-saving tips that blend old-fashioned clever frugality with the latest tools and resources for saving thousands of dollars each year in this new world of shopping. In this special July/August issue, learn about:

  • How to save money on airfare, car rentals and hotels, as we welcome the long-awaited return of summer travel plans
  • What to do to gain the upper hand when buying a car, whether its new or second-hand
  • Where to go to invest in self-care or reduce health care bills so you don’t break the bank – and more!

Other stories in the July/August issue of AARP Bulletin:

Your Money

  • Your Post-Covid Résumé: Little-known fact: At many large companies, computers are the first to screen résumé. In fact, much has changed in what makes a great résumé, and many old-fashioned habits (like using the words “e-mail address”) can hurt your chances of winning the job. Top hiring and job experts break down the key elements of what move résumés to the top of the pile, step by step, offering suggestions on formatting, wording and on how to make your résumé look as relevant and as up to date as possible.

Your Health

  • The Surprising Risks of Chronic Loud Noise: As life returns to normalcy, so does the sonic chaos around us. Bulletin details how steady loud noise – be it lawn mowers, traffic, or even just headphones – can trigger many diseases seemingly unconnected to the sound around you. Experts share how loud is too loud, tools you can use to quiet your world and methods to tell if sound is posing risks to your well-being.
  • Tick-ing Time Bombs: Lyme disease gets the headlines, but have you heard of Alpha-Gal Syndrome? It’s another tick-caused condition that makes you allergic to beef, pork or lamb, and it’s fast on the rise. In fact, ticks are linked to 16 different diseases. This useful primer provides a check list of what to pay attention to and look out for, as well as a CDC-guided breakdown of which tick may be in your region. Beware: they’re spreading!

Fraud Watch

  • Why Credit Card Shocks Are Rising: Regulators call them “dark patterns”: deceptions in which shady retailers sign you up for ongoing fees, memberships or products without you knowing or giving clear agreement. And they are fast on the rise. In this month’s Fraud Watch, these “dark patterns” are identified and broken down. We offer suggestions on how to make sure unforeseen charges don’t end up on your next credit card or bank statement.

Your Life

  • Artists in Waiting: After retiring from the workforce, these six retirees leaned into their creative side, unleashing dormant talents. Now, they’re finding new lives as artists, winning prestigious awards and having major gallery showings. They share their secrets to discovering – and nurturing – their second acts.


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