Jan 5, 2022
AARP Bulletin’s 2022 Guide to COVID Variants, Vaccines and Masks
Top Health Experts Answer Pressing Questions About How to Make the New Year Healthy, Safe and Productive in the Jan/Feb Issue

WASHINGTON—With the two-year anniversary of COVID approaching, AARP Bulletin reports heartening news: There is a clear path forward for older adults. Despite the widespread prevalence of the omicron variant and a short-term surge in COVID cases, scientists agree that getting vaccinated and wearing masks will continue to greatly improve health outcomes and hasten the return to more normal times.

But the mistakes that public health experts made in the early stages of the pandemic – like asking people to not wear masks – along with the chaos brought on by the virus variants, have interfered with our public health progress.

This month, the Bulletin is taking a solid look at where the science stands: the triumphs, the missteps, and the future of COVID research.

From the mysteries surrounding long COVID to updates about the new COVID pill treatments, our editors have gathered intelligence from dozens of health experts who can answer readers’ most pressing pandemic questions.

Read in this month’s cover story:

  • How to fight pandemic confusion and debunk pandemic myths
  • The future of mask wearing
  • A guide to all vaccines (not just coronavirus) recommended for people 50 and older
  • And much more.

Also in the January issue:

Your Health

  • Turning the sound back on: For those with hearing loss so severe that even hearing aids don’t improve communication, cochlear implants might be a life-changer. Read the inspirational story of how an outspoken retired journalist reclaimed her quality of life thanks to a technological miracle that can recreate the electrical signals that your brain interprets as sound, letting you hear fully, once again.

Your Money

  • A new way to pay: Layaway with a twist! Many retailers are now offering a “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) option. About 45 million Americans utilized a BNPL service in 2021. They’re convenient for those who don’t have cash in pocket, but these programs can tempt consumers into overspending. Read this month’s Live Well for Less column to learn how to spend responsibly with a “buy now, pay later” program.
  • How to buy an index fund: For years, money experts have told Americans to skip stock-picking and put their long-term investments in index funds – mutual funds that buy shares in all the stocks or bonds included in the most popular market indexes. Trouble is, there are now countless index funds, some of them dubious. How to choose? This month’s issue will teach you about the range of index funds, how to filter them for safety and performance, ways to minimize fees, and be tax-smart with your index fund selections.

Fraud Watch

  • World ending? Nope. Just a scam: The economy is failing! Global instability endangers our planet! The pandemic threatens our way of living! Scam artists increasingly use topical scare tactics like these to prey on the concerns of senior citizens. Experts advise readers on ways to avoid emotion-based scams in this month’s issue.

Your Life

  • Q&A with Mel Brooks: When did he first realize he was funny? Why did he change his name to Brooks? What did being a teenage drummer teach him about comedy? The renowned Brooklyn-born comedian and author Mel Brooks lets readers inside of his life in this month’s issue of The Bulletin.


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