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Dec 5, 2022
AARP Creates Solution Guide to Modern Problems
December Issue of AARP Bulletin Helps Readers Resolve Dozens of Their Most Common Hassles and Concerns
The December 2022 issue of AARP Bulletin

WASHINGTON—In our world of targeted marketing, it’s easy to think that all problems are best solved by buying a product or hiring a service. But a bit of clever thinking can go a long way to solving hassles that inevitably emerge in all our daily lives. This month, AARP Bulletin editors have gathered dozens of top industry professionals to provide clear and simple solutions to your everyday health, finance, home and tech issues.

In this month’s issue, learn the answers to:

  • How could I get an increase in my property taxes lowered?
  • Should I actually consider solar panels on my roof?
  • How could I improve the wi-fi signal in my home?
  • Is going gluten-free sensible if I don’t have a gluten intolerance?
  • How could I get surprise hotel fees waived?
  • And much more!

Also in the December issue of AARP Bulletin:

Your Life

  • Where’s That Document?  Even in this thoroughly digital world, there are still a few pieces of paper like birth certificates, car titles, and home deeds that remain vitally important to keep, tend to and, on rare occasions, use. So what is the proper way to store and secure them? And if lost, how do you replace them? Learn how to organize and store those documents in this month’s Bulletin.  

Fraud Watch

  • Protect Your Kids and Grandkids from Fraud: Teens and twenty-somethings are increasingly the targets of digital scams catered to their unique life stage, such as criminals offering to help them become online “influencers.” Read this month’s fraud feature on how older Americans can play a better role in teaching and protecting young adults as they have their first encounters with the world of fraud.

Your Money

  • A New Way to Measure Retirement Savings: It’s natural to think of retirement saving in terms of a single lump-sum number (“I have this much saved up!”). But that number isn’t very useful; what matters is how much MONTHLY income you can count on. Thanks to a new law, your retirement plan will now include an estimate of how much monthly income your account could provide to you in retirement. Here’s how you could use that number to greatly improve your retirement planning.
  • Shop Safely on Social Media: Social Media ads can be so tempting. But not all the deals in your feed are legitimate! Read this month’s Bulletin to learn steps you can take to shop more safely on social media sites.

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