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Apr 28, 2022
Insider Secrets from AARP Bulletin! How to Get Around Today’s Shortage of Workers and Supplies to Get the Work You Need Done
Also in the May issue: An Investigative Report on America’s Long-Term Care Crisis: The Unfair Plight of 50+ Million Unpaid Caregivers – and How to Fix It

WASHINGTONNeed work done on your house, or an elective surgery done, or a will written, or a major car fix? Good luck getting it done soon! A unique economic moment in America (surging prices, too few workers, and a shortage of products and materials) makes getting many common needs completed harder than in any time in recent years. But there are ways to succeed. AARP Bulletin reporters spoke to dozens of industry insiders to find out the best way to get top-grade help fast in 12 categories, from home repair to money help to a new doctor. Here are the ways to separate a good home handyman from a great one; how to jump the line in securing a contractor; how to choose the right hospital, post pandemic; and more. It’s all part of “Beat the System: Experts Edition,” the Bulletin’s second guide of the past year for getting the best possible service and value in these changing economic times.

PLUS: Long-Term Care Is the Crisis Everyone Must Face: Almost a year in the making, this investigative report reveals just how difficult it can be to be a family caregiver. The report uncovers why government agencies, employers, even the healthcare system fail to provide adequate caregiving support, and the implications it has on both those receiving and those giving care. It’s a crucial topic: The vast majority of Americans will someday need caregiving help.

The special report details the five primary “breaks” in America’s long-term care system, and how dozens of experts would go about fixing them. It also details a revolution in home-care medical technology that could transform both caregiving and healthcare – once insurers and Medicare embrace them. Also included:

  • A poignant oral history of the lives of dozens of caregivers, including caregiving expert Amy Goyer, offering a glimpse into their struggles as well as their loving devotion;
  • AARP’s Caregiving Starter Guide, which offers five steps to help readers prepare for their new caregiving roles;
  • And much more.

Also in the May issue:

Fraud Watch

  • Enjoy Hobbies? Watch for Fraud!: The art of fraud today is customizing pitches to the person, and one of the top ways that’s happening is by focusing on hobbies and interests. Learn how scammers are specifically pitching collectors, enthusiasts, crafters, sports lovers and more with frauds specific to their targets’ passions.

Your Money

  • Credit Card Tricks to Master: Make fees disappear! Get more money back! Make paying even faster! Today’s credit cards are not only loaded with greater technology to make them easier and more secure to use, but also come with more incentives to use. Here’s how to get the most value out of a credit card today. Plus...
  • Face-off! Credit vs. Debit Cards: Though they look alike and function similarly, there are crucial differences between credit and debit cards. Knowing which to use in certain situations can make all the difference when it comes to finances. In this month’s “Your Money,” learn how to get the best bang for your buck as credit and debit cards face off in seven everyday purchasing scenarios. 
  • Subscribe and Save?: “Automatic shipment” programs and other subscription services make getting the things you need easier, but at what cost? One survey found that most people spend over $50 per month on recurring monthly purchases. But do they deliver the best prices? Are you really using the service enough to warrant the ongoing costs? Read about the pros and cons of regular product deliveries from Live Well for Less columnist Lisa Lee Freeman to determine if a subscription service is right for you.


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