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Mar 2, 2023
Special Reports from the March AARP Bulletin: ‘Check Washing’ Crimes on the Rise, Grandparents Being Called to Parent Again, What Next for COVID, and the Recent Surge of Product Recalls
March 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin
March 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin

WASHINGTON—The March issue of AARP Bulletin offers readers a slew of the latest news updates and stories – from the latest rising mail scam to the heartbreaking-but-frequent scenarios where grandparents are relied on for parental duties again. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:

Fraud Watch: The Check is NOT in the Mail

Are your mailed checks safe? Stealing paper checks from mailboxes is on the fast rise in the U.S., often leading to losses of thousands of dollars per crime. In this emerging fraud, criminals carefully remove all details from your check using bleach or acetone–except your signature. That essentially leaves them a blank check. This month, learn all about this decidedly low-tech scam and how to help protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Your Life: Called to Parent—Again

The twin crises of the opioid epidemic and the COVID pandemic have left countless thousands of children orphaned, increasing the pressure on grandparents to take on a parental role again. The most recent Census tells us that 7.1 million U.S. grandparents are living with grandchildren in their home – more than ever before. This month in Your Life, the Bulletin shares the stories of this upsetting trend and offers resources for support.

Your Money: Protect Yourself from Dangerous Products

Product recalls are increasing and often for products not typical for recall. Shockingly few people bother to respond, at their own peril—responding can be a matter of life and death. The good news is that recall remedies are free. In this issue, we give you tips to help protect you and your family. 

Your Health: Health ‘Truths’ You Can Ignore

Sometimes, an offhand comment (such as, “you’ll catch a cold outside if you don’t put on a warmer jacket!”) seems to become a fact when it’s repeated often enough, even without evidence to support it. Read this month’s Your Health to learn 16 health “truths” you can mostly ignore.  

Cover Story: The Pandemic’s Impact on Home, Family, Health Care, Money and More

As we enter year four of COVID-19, life in America is a tale of two pandemics. In noteworthy ways, the greatest health crisis of our time appears to be over, and yet a new strain of COVID has emerged that is particularly tough on the elder. From telehealth and working from home to travel, many aspects of our lives have changed. This month’s cover story of the Bulletin looks at what’s changing, what’s not and what next for people 50-plus.


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