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May 2, 2023
Special Reports from the May AARP Bulletin: AI Crimes on the Rise, The Changing Retail Landscape, Tackling Your Credit Card Debt, and Online Health Misinformation
May 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin
May 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin

WASHINGTON—The May issue of AARP Bulletin offers readers a slew of the latest consumer news updates and stories – from the latest rising AI scam to navigating the changes of the retail landscape. The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:

Cover Story: The Brave New World of Shopping

You could argue that shopping never really changes – you browse, select, pay, and occasionally, if it doesn’t work out, you return. But look into how you do any of those tasks, and you realize everything about shopping has changed. In this fascinating and unique report, AARP details the full breadth of today’s retail advances, both online and in-store, that can make shopping faster, easier, cheaper and yes – more enjoyable. From the most useful shopping apps to cash-back rewards to latest in-store tools and experiences, our Bulletin shopping researchers offer all the tips you need to know that may help maximize your dollars in this shifting retail landscape.

Fraud Watch: AI Gives Scammers A Scary New Tool

The next time you get a frantic phone call from a loved one asking for money, you may want to check twice before helping. Artificial intelligence has opened a new door for scammers, making it easy to replicate almost anyone’s voice and speaking style from a short audio sample. This month, learn all about this growing scam and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Your Money: Debt-Defying Credit Card Strategies

Americans are racking up credit card debt at record levels, and given the inflation rate, it’s easy to understand why. In this issue, we give you four approaches to tackle your credit card balance and get your finances back on track.

Your Health: How to Help Master Online Health Research

Whether it’s an unexpected doctor’s diagnosis, a strange new symptom, or shocking new remedy a friend tells you about, all of us frequently research health topics online. But so much “info” on the Internet is incorrect, bogus or actually just marketing, presented as “objective” info. Our guide to doing effective online health research details websites you can trust, search processes that work, and how you can detect if a source is or isn’t safe or legitimate.

Your Health: Why Walking is So Good for Your Brain

Take your brain health into your own hands – or, should we say, feet! Lacing up your sneakers and hitting the road for a walk—especially outdoors—is proven to be powerful medicine for your brain. Read this month’s Your Health to learn how taking regular walks may help improve your mood, memory, and more.  


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