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Aug 29, 2023
Special Reports from the September AARP Bulletin: Recovering Money Lost to Fraud; Faster, Easier Bank Loans; the Truth About Mini-Strokes; a New Form of Eldercare; plus Older Adults’ Impact in America
September 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin
September 2023 issue of AARP Bulletin

En español WASHINGTON— The September issue of AARP Bulletin offers readers the latest consumer news updates and stories, from how scammed money could be recovered to the ways older adults are shaping American industries.

The following are highlights from this month’s Bulletin:

Cover Story: How We Are Changing America

Older Americans are shaking up the country in both obvious and hidden ways. From altering America’s workforce to demanding better healthcare options to influencing how retailers operate and what they sell,  older adults are pushing for an America that is better prepared for their needs as they age. The growing number of older adults ensures these changes will continue through the economy, culture, and society. This month’s cover story looks at this phenomenon one economic sector at a time.

Your Money: A New Way to Get Fast Cash

Need a few hundred dollars to tide you over to your next paycheck? Many Americans now have a better option than extremely risky storefront “payday” loans. Many major U.S. banks now offer “small dollar loans,” but what’s the catch? Learn everything you need to know about these new loans in this month’s Your Money.

Fraud Watch: Get Back What’s Yours

Recovering what you lost to scammers is a long shot. But that’s starting to change. New efforts by law enforcement officials, banks, payment apps and gift card companies are clawing back some funds lost in a wide variety of scams. This makes reporting fraud more important than ever. Read this month’s Fraud Watch to get up to date on the latest efforts and reporting tips to recover your stolen money.

Your Health: A Ministroke Is a Big Deal

A ministroke might sound small, but the implications are often serious. Recognizing the symptoms could help prevent brain damage and even save your life. In this issue, learn how to identify symptoms, what you should do right away, and how to evaluate your risk in years to come.

Your Life: A Need for Companion Care

What do you do if the caregiving support your loved one needs isn’t medical? A caregiver who offers companionship – rather than health support – can aid with the everyday tasks, like cooking, transportation, and errands. Read this month’s issue to learn more about the benefits of this unique arrangement as well as tips for finding a provider.




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