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Mar 26, 2024
Exclusives From AARP The Magazine: Brooke Shields on Beauty Positivity, Marcia Gay Harden on Love and Lessons Learned, Kelsey Grammer on Being in His ‘Rejuvenation’ Era, and How to Avoid Family Feuds Over Inheritance
Plus: The Challenges and Joys of Being on Your Own in Your 50s; a Guide to Living Longer by Dodging Health Risks; and the Latest Investment Scams to Be Wary Of

WASHINGTON—The April/May 2024 issue of AARP The Magazine (ATM) gives readers a closer look into the lives of their favorite celebrities and reveals some of the biggest trends of 2024.

Trailblazing Hollywood actor Brooke Shields graces ATM’s April/May 2024 cover, reflecting on her rise to fame and her plans for the future. This issue’s Upfront showcases seven insightful life lessons from acclaimed actor Marcia Gay Harden, offering insight on love, parenting and the ebbs and flows of a career. Multiple-award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer explores the pleasures of growing older and closer to his children. Additionally, ATM delves into crucial strategies for navigating inheritance matters, offering indispensable guidance for both preserving wealth and avoiding family conflict.

Plus, navigating solo living and fostering connections through shared life experiences; the top health risks after age 50, with expert advice for proactive wellness; and a look into investment-related fraud and how to spot the warning signs, based on recent court filings.

In this issue of AARP The Magazine:

Cover Story: Brooke Shields

From her iconic start as a child model and actor to her journey through successes and challenges in Hollywood, Brooke Shields has navigated it all with grace and strength. Shields reflects on key moments such as her rise to fame, the pressures she faced, leaving Hollywood to study at Princeton University, and her return.

The A List: Marcia Gay Harden

Oscar and Tony award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden imparts seven life lessons she’s gathered, from skipping unnecessary drama to cherishing her independence without feeling a void as she finds fulfillment in her work and friendships. Though, she says, “If the right person came along, that would be great.”

What I Know Now with Kelsey Grammer

Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer reveals he’s in his “rejuvenation” era at age 69 — with seven children. The Frasier star shares how he is now making up for years of lost time with his oldest daughters.

Inheritance Time Bombs (And How to Defuse Them)

ATM explores six common inheritance issues and the best practices to deactivate these potentially destructive time bombs, from communicating decisions to ways to handle the family business. With older Americans holding the majority of the country’s personal wealth, these practices can help avert disaster.

On Your Own in Your 50s

Living independently presents various challenges for individuals over 50, as well as opportunities. The key is to embrace independence and proactively make connections through activities like volunteering, attending alumni events, frequenting local hangouts or exploring creative pursuits.

Dodge Your Biggest Health Risks

A deep dive into the five deadliest killers of people in their 50s: cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries, respiratory illnesses such as COVID, and liver disease. Benefit from expert guidance provided by leading scientists in each field to safeguard your health.

Danger: Investment Scams Ahead

Learn about recent financial and investment scams targeting older Americans in areas such as cryptocurrency, foreign exchange and precious metals. Promises of high returns, unverified claims and elusive “secret” formulas should all raise red flags. To protect your investments, understand your limits before diving in.

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