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May 29, 2024
Exclusives From AARP The Magazine: Diane Lane on Acting at Her Own Pace, Guidance for Couples on How to Understand Personal Finances Together, and Navigating Conversations About Menopause in the Workplace, and Jon Bon Jovi on Writing Songs About Aging
Plus: Bobby Cannavale on the Power of Hypnotism; How Your Hands Can Reveal Surprising Health Problems; and a Special Report on Severe Weather Conditions Affecting Elderly Residents in Coastal Regions

WASHINGTON—The June/July 2024 issue of AARP The Magazine (ATM) gives readers a closer look into the lives of favorite celebrities and reveals some of 2024’s biggest trends.

Legendary rock star Jon Bon Jovi, on the cover of ATM’s June/July 2024 issue, shares details about his upcoming album and how aging is influencing the next stage in his musical career. This issue’s Upfront series showcases six surprising insights about actress Diane Lane, including her acclaimed resurgence in the entertainment industry.

Emmy Award–winning actor Bobby Cannavale reveals how fatherhood with his younger sons sparked a change of his workaholic tendencies. Additionally, ATM delves into the distressing living conditions faced by older Americans along the coasts of New Jersey and Florida, while AARP offers practical tips on fortifying homes against floods.

Plus, the issue includes eight health signals found on our nails and knuckles that could indicate underlying ailments and accompanying expert insights and prevention tips; how to discuss menopause in the workplace; and how to bridge the money-knowledge gaps in marriages so couples can better manage finances together.

In this issue of AARP The Magazine:

Cover Story: Jon Bon Jovi

After living the classic rock star lifestyle for decades, Jon Bon Jovi unveils a new chapter in his musical journey and candidly shares the profound inspiration aging brings to songwriting. Bon Jovi opens up to ATM on refining his image and how he takes care of his voice post vocal surgery.

The A List: Diane Lane

Renowned actress Diane Lane chats about her career in the entertainment business, reflecting on knowing when it is time to take breaks, and staging a triumphant return. Revealing six surprises from her journey along the way, Lane ponders an alternate career shift as a therapist.

What I Know Now With Bobby Cannavale

Emmy-winning actor Bobby Cannavale, a father of three at 54, discusses how being a parent influences his work. The Ezra star also shares his recent experiences with a hypnotist and dedication to “flex every muscle” and try new activities like singing and dancing for the off-Broadway musical Here We Are.

Open Up Your Marriage (the Money Part, That Is)

ATM delves into familiar challenges many couples face: determining who manages finances and how to transition from control to collaboration. AARP offers practical tips and motivations, such as compiling a notebook of finances or patiently educating the less-knowledgeable partner well in advance so both spouses are equipped to manage money independently when necessary.

Surprising Health Clues Hidden in Your Hand

Our fingertips and knuckles serve as revealing indicators of our overall well-being. ATM offers insights on how to be proactive when you begin recognizing any of these eight subtle warning signs that may manifest on our hands and signal the need for medical attention.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Menopause
ATM shares important research regarding menopause and the workplace, such as the fact that only 22 percent of employers provide menopause-specific benefits while 1 in 3 workers currently experiencing menopause had to miss work in the past 12 months due to their symptoms. With menopause frequently overlooked in the workplace, experts provide six tips to initiate conversations with managers and companies to discuss solutions and health benefits to ensure all employees’ comfort and efficiency.

Washed Away

AARP teamed up with veteran environmental journalist Craig Welch for a special report on how extreme weather patterns are currently impacting older Americans in the Coastal Regions of New Jersey and Florida. The report delves into how displaced residents are coping with financial loss as well as feelings of loneliness and uncertainty, and it also provides tips and resources on how individuals can advocate to assist these communities in preparing for floods. With hurricane season underway, the timing of this story is especially critical.

This report is part of a larger AARP series. For an in-depth look at the toll of rising sea levels and more severe weather events, visit

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