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Mar 2, 2015
Know Your Health Aide • Avoiding Slick Investment Sales Tactics • Fighting Fake Debt • The Stories Of Women 50-Plus • Older Americans Learning From Millennials • Staying Sharp With The Game Of Bridge & More

Things You Should Know About Your Home Health Aide: With financial, physical and emotional abuse on the rise among older Americans, this issue of AARP Bulletin provides a revealing look at the changes the home health care industry must enact to address these concerns and the questions to ask before hiring a health aide. (Page 7)

Can We End Blindness?: Progress in ophthalmology has been so rapid over the past few years that some researchers have already begun to envision an end to many forms of vision loss. This issue ofAARP Bulletin takes a look at several new technologies that could save the eyesight of millions and potentially lead to the end of blindness. (Page 30)

Acknowledging the Stories and Concerns of Women Over 50: In this month’s issue of AARP Bulletin, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins discusses how AARP’s focus on issues such as caregiving, retirement, and fraud protection align closely with the growing demands of an American population that continues to disrupt aging. With the celebration of Women’s History Month, Jenkins calls to attention how millions of 50-plus women are changing the conversation about what it means to age without fear and how both men and women alike want to be defined by who they are and not by how old they are. (Page 42)

Misleading Investment Pitches That Can Wreck Your Finances: AARP Bulletin financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn shares a list of her top five misleading investment pitches. From salespeople who overpromise high returns to early declarations of a conflict of interest, the March issue of AARP Bulletinexposes slick sales tactics to avoid and reasons why so many of us fall for them. (Page 20)

Scam Alert: Don’t Get Swindled Into Paying Fake Debt: More than half of debt collection-related complaints reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Older Americans over a 15-month period involve unrelenting attempts by debt collectors to obtain money that people don’t actually owe. In the March issue of AARP Bulletin, Scam Alert columnist Sid Kirchheimer discusses some of the most common tactics used by these swindlers and provides tips to avoid paying debt that isn’t yours. (Page 22)

Benefiting From Reverse Mentoring: As generational gaps in the workplace continue to grow, many organizations are rethinking their mentorship programs and flipping the traditional model upside down. This issue of AARP Bulletin takes a look at the trend of reverse mentoring and how it benefits the career growth of both younger and older employees. (Page 26)

Staying Sharp by Playing Bridge: With researchers discovering the benefits of games that challenge older Americans’ mental sharpness, the March issue of AARP Bulletin takes a look at the history of bridge and how it keeps older folks socially engaged and cognitively tested, and the improvements that it can have on the brain over time. (Page 34)

The Night Billy Crystal Nearly Blinded a Legend: In this issue of AARP Bulletin, American actor Billy Crystal dishes on his early days as an usher for the New York stage production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and how his first chance meeting with Walter Cronkite led to ticking off the famous newscaster. (Page 50)

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