Mar 31, 2015
Inside The April Issue of AARP Bulletin
Your Guide to Financial Resilience · New Tech Breakthroughs · Shave Years Off Your Mortgage · Curing Health Care · Tips to Keep Your ID Safe · Dissing Sinatra & More

Achieving Financial Resilience: In a special four-part feature, AARP Bulletin offers a comprehensive guide to reaching financial independence and security, including a one-on-one interview with President Obama about retirement. With in-depth features on how to protect your retirement, tune up your 401(k) and IRA, ways to get great investment advice, and how to reach your money goals in just 10 steps, the April issue of AARP Bulletin offers inspiring advice from fiscal experts to help you hang onto your hard-earned money and make it last.  (Page 16)

High-Tech Ways to Stay Healthy: The April issue of AARP Bulletin takes a look at how high-tech tools are changing the way we use health care and allowing patients on-demand treatment. From the best new smartphone health apps to connecting with virtual doctors, these technological innovations are breaking down barriers of care. (Page 4)

Top Docs Weigh In on How to Cure Health Care: In the April issue of AARP Bulletin, eight of the country’s best physicians offer their prescription to improve America’s health care system. Improving transparency, empowering patients and rewarding primary care stand at the top of the list. (Page 8)

Preaching Better Lifestyles: In the rural South, and in some other areas across America, obesity, heart issues, diabetes and other health problems are cutting in the length and quality of life. This month’s issue of AARP Bulletin, explores how African American ministers are use the pulpit to help guide their congregations towards healthier lifestyle choices. (Page 12)

Shave Years Off Your Mortgage: AARP Bulletin financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn shares her expertise on ways to shave years off mortgage debt and ensure a paid-up home in retirement. From prepaying a fixed-rate mortgage to downsizing earlier rather than later, Jane explores ways Americans can eliminate mortgage debt and relive retirement budgets.  (Page 24)

Putting the Spotlight on Caregivers: Family caregivers are the backbone of in-home care, however, most are left emotionally stressed and financially strained while trying to balance work and family obligations. In this month’s issue of AARP Bulletin, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins acknowledges bipartisan lawmakers that have taken initiative to form the Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT) caucus on Capitol Hill to address and find solutions for the future of caregiving issues. (Page 32)

Scam Alert: 9 Ways to Guard Your Identity and Credit: Although pricey ID protection services may be useful for some people, you may be able to save money by simply doing the protection and security work yourself. In the April issue of AARP Bulletin, Scam Alert columnist Sid Kirchheimer offers up an assortment of cost-effective ways to protect your identity, including installing free protection software, investing in an unlisted phone number and more.  (Page 23)

Don’t Diss Sinatra: In this issue of AARP Bulletin, comic Brad Garrett recalls the night he opened for the legendary Frank Sinatra in Atlantic City and the sticky situation he found himself in after making a joke about “Mr. S” as he left the stage. Gangster John Gotti and his wife make a guest appearance in the comic tale.  (Page 42)

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