Jun 2, 2015
Inside the June Issue of AARP Bulletin
99 Ways To Save; Nursing Homes Tackle the Issues of Sex and Intimacy; Scams Targeting the Deceased; The True Value of Seasoned Experience; Practical Brain Health Solutions; Jimmy Carter Speaks Out & More

99 Ways to Save: In this issue of AARP Bulletin, 20 experts walk us through a total of 99 great ways to save this year across seven categories—money, personal technology, style, home, entertainment, health, and work. From tips on when to buy luggage to ideas on what to do with overripe fruit, these tips offer something for everyone looking to save thousands of dollars before the year’s end. (Page 19)

Sex in Nursing Homes Pose Ethical Dilemmas: According to a recent survey by AMDA – the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, only about a quarter of nursing home facilities have policies on intimacy and sexual behavior for their residents. This issue of AARP Bulletin discusses steps some facilities are taking to preserve the safety, dignity and rights of aging residents. (Page 10)

Good News About Brain Health Solutions: Mental decline is not inevitable with age, according to a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine. AARP Bulletin examines the report and provides tips on activities that can benefit brain health. (Page 16)

New Medicare Scams Challenge Federal InvestigatorsThe June issue of AARP Bulletin, documents recent developments in the war to stop the $60 billion in annual Medicare fraud. Law enforcement experts outline the latest ploys and describe how they are spreading across the country. (Page 6)

Jimmy Carter Speaks OutThe 39th president, who turned 90 in October, reflects on the present-day role of money in politics, race relations in the United States, his feelings on not being asked to speak at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and his marriage of 69 years in this issue of AARP Bulletin. (Page 4)

The True Value of Older American Workers: With millions of people reaching traditional retirement age and discovering that they’re not yet ready to move on from the workforce, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins discusses the value of retaining and hiring older workers. Jenkins issues a call to action to employers who have been slow to realize that 50-plus workers’ experience can ultimately add more value than stereotypes would have them believe. (Page 34)

Scam Alert: Protecting the Identities of the Deceased: Using the identities of deceased people, scammers have netted over $70 million in refunds from 19,000 federal tax returns for 2011 alone. Scam Alert columnist Sid Kirchheimer discusses how scammers find and steal the identities of the dead, and ways to prevent identity theft when a loved one dies. (Page 28)

Building Your Own Financial Plan: In this issue of AARP Bulletin, AARP financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn shares her tips on the best way to start planning your personal finances. Providing resources and tools to help Americans learn the basics, Jane walks through the first few steps of the process whether single, married, or widowed. (Page 30)

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