Jun 30, 2015
Special Section: 80 Years of Social Security; Medicare for a New Generation; Generic Drugs Price Spike; Bouncing Back After Surgery; Music Can Be Good Medicine for Alzheimer’s; Beware of Home Repair Cons & More

Social Security Celebrates 80 Years of Improving Lives: In a special in-depth feature, the July-August issue of AARP Bulletin provides an all-encompassing history of Social Security, then and now. From three reasons why Social Security will remain for the next generation to an insightful Q&A on the program’s biggest benefits with personal finance expert Jane Bryant Quinn, the multi-part spread covers Social Security’s impact on America – past, present and future. Capturing the program’s broad range and effect, the Social Security in-action piece profiles personal anecdotes on how the program has helped widows, people on disability and young children who have lost parents and loved ones. (Page 17)

Happy 5-Oh Medicare!: On July 30th, Medicare will celebrate its 50th anniversary, a testament to the popular program that has transformed health security for older and disabled Americans. This month’sAARP Bulletin features a pair of must-reads that advises what you need to know about the current Medicare offering and six ideas to strengthen the program for a more stable future. (Page 26)

Prices Soar for Generic Drugs: The cost of filling prescriptions for generic drugs has skyrocketed so much over the last few years that the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging recently held a hearing to investigate the issue. Discover the factors that have made both brand-name and generic medications more expensive than ever – and their economic impact in this issue of AARP Bulletin. (Page 8)

New Procedures in Post-Op RecoveryThe July-August issue of AARP Bulletin highlights the latest in enhanced recovery after surgery, which according to medical experts, has accelerated the healing process with fewer complications, less pain, and shorter hospitalizations for patients. From encouraging fluid consumption of electrolytes and carbohydrates to premedicating with pain relievers to exercising soon after surgery, these key techniques have dramatically improved recovery protocol for patients. (Page 12)

Soothing the Soul and Mind with Music Therapy: For those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, new evidence has shown that the power of music can improve their moods, as well as boost cognitive skills and reduce the use for antipsychotic drugs. This issue of AARP Bulletin takes a look at nursing facilities around the country that have implemented music therapy programs to help treat these diseases with astounding results. (Page 30)

Bob Dole Dishes on Politics, Wartime ExperienceTurning 92 this month, the American politician and former Senator sits down with AARP Bulletin and reflects on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and shares one of his favorite pieces of political humor. (Page 6)

Recognizing America’s Bedrock Programs: Celebrating the milestone anniversaries of Social Security and Medicare this month, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins pays tribute to the long-term success of these financial and health security programs that protect the present and create the future. With 59 million Americans receiving Social Security benefits and 55 million covered by Medicare, Jenkins addresses the need to defend today’s beneficiaries and improve the program for the next generation in this issue of AARP Bulletin. (Page 35)

Scam Alert: How to Halt Home Repair Rip-Offs: As home repair crooks known as “woodchucks” come out of the woodwork to prey on the elderly, these scammers will stop at nothing to drain funds from the same victims repeatedly for unnecessary work. In this month’s Scam Alert column, Sid Kirchheimer outlines several tips on how to spot these scavengers and ways to keep you and your neighbors safe this season. (Page 15)

Keeping Current to Stay Connected: In this issue of AARP Bulletin, Hollywood humorist Annabelle Gurwitch recalls a recent conversation with her teenage son that debates the cool factor of generational pop-culture references to music, computers and ring tones. (Page 42)

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