May 3, 2016
May Issue of AARP Bulletin includes Alarming Report on Potentially Dangerous Black Market Meds Flooding Pharmacies and Hospitals
The Current Issue also contains Secrets from Experts such as Doctors, Auto Mechanics and Financial Planners; Estate Planning for Second Marriages; a Guide to Healthy Eating; a Q & A with Frank Abagnale & More

WASHINGTON, DC — Inside the new May issue of AARP Bulletin: An alarming report on potentially dangerous black market medications flooding the nation’s pharmacies and hospitals. The cover story exposes the secrets and awkward truths that your doctor, waiter, flight attendant, auto mechanic and other professionals aren’t telling you. Other stories include a report on how to handle estate planning for second-marriages; a guide on healthy eating as we age; an article that reveals how the Vet­erans of Foreign Wars of the US (VFW) is now focused on recruiting new members; property deed, tax and credit help hoaxes; and a Q & A with Frank Abagnale.

Black Market Meds Are Flooding the Nation’s Pharmacies and Hospitals: By all accounts, the drug supply in the United States is among the safest and most tightly controlled in the world. But it’s under a growing threat from organized and white-collar criminals pushing stolen, out-of-date, adulterated or fake medications that make their way into pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals and doctors’ offices. At best, they are suspect because they are sold outside of the regulated supply chains. At worst, they may be medically worthless or even toxic.

Cover Story: Sometimes the people who help get us through life, the so-called experts, don’t tell us everything. Here are the journeyman secrets, awkward truths and indispensable intel straight from the source. Experts include a doctor, auto mechanic, fitness trainer, car salesman, HR professional, nutritionist, plumber, nurse, real estate agent, flight attendant, hairstylist, contractor, financial planner and career coach. For example, the financial planner tells readers that parents should think twice before gifting huge amounts of money to their children; the flight attendant says to use the restroom in the terminal; andthe hairstylist explains that men should allow themselves to go gray as it never looks natural when they color it.

Old Soldiers Win New Recruits: As veteran organizations such as the VFW and American Legion face a crisis of dwindling memberships, a new effort by older veterans to engage more with younger veterans is helping to bring in a new generation of leadership, and bridge divides that have long existed between veterans of different wars.

The Second-Marriage Dilemma: Estate planning can be tricky for couples who have former spouses.Inheritance matters tend to be easy when you’ve been married only once. If you die first, your assets—whatev­er they are—usually go to your spouse. If you have children, you divide the money among them equally. Unequal inheritance sometimes makes sense. But for the sake of future family harmony, equal amounts work best. If you enter into a second marriage, however, the choices get harder—espe­cially if you remarry later in life. How much, if anything, do you want to leave to your new spouse? These decisions can be tough to make, espe­cially if you and your new beloved find that you don’t agree.

Help or Hoax?: Why pay for what typically costs nothing? It’s always a good question, especially with some private companies out there trying to charge you hefty fees for government or financial services that are usually free, especially those involving property deeds, promises to lower property taxes and repair credit. At best, what the companies do is legal but unnecessary. Sometimes they provide little more than you-do-the-leg­work instructions to get documents at government offices and websites. At worst, their letters, phone calls and emails trick you by pretending to have official government affiliation—and for their fees, they do noth­ing but collect personal in­formation for identity theft. Don’t shell out for services you can easily get for free (or for just a few bucks).

What to Eat, When to Eat It: You know that a healthy diet has a balance of nutrients. But when you eat is also important. In fact, the timing of your meals has an impact on every­thing from weight loss to insomnia.The article contains five tips that will help you make the most of your meals.

Frank Abagnale, Fraud Fighter: In an exclusive interview, Frank Abagnale, fraud fighter, The AARP Fraud Watch Network ambassador, whose years as a confidence man were depicted in the film Catch Me If You Can, tells journalist Hugh Delehanty about the latest scams, how to avoid identity theft and how he changed his life.

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