Jun 2, 2016
Inside the June/July Issue of AARP The Magazine
Cover Interview: Alfre Woodard, Jane Fonda and Sharon Stone Defy the Hollywood Age Trap Entertainment: Kenny Rogers, Sela Ward and John Leguizamo Discuss Love, Life and Family Disrupt Aging: 25 People Who Bust the Myths Health: How to Defy Your Genes Career: It’s Mama’s Turn! How to Start Your Second Career Finance: 10 Lessons From the Wisdom of Warren Buffett Health: 20 Quirky Summer Health Tips (That Actually Work) Music: Rock & Roll Will Never Die

WASHINGTON, DC  In the June/July issue of AARP The Magazine, readers at home and online will enjoy an exclusive celebrity cover interview with screen icons Alfre Woodard, Jane Fonda and Sharon Stone. These three leading ladies are living proof that your post-50 years are what you make of them. From Fonda’s 15th Golden Globe nomination last year and Woodard and Stone’s leap into the world of Marvel, these women have been working hard to break through the age barriers in Hollywood by changing the game.

An array of fascinating articles about entertainment, finance and health—as well as a deep dive into AARP’s Disrupt Aging movement—are also included in the June/July issue of AARP The Magazine.

Entertainment – The June/July issue ofAARP The Magazine includes exclusive celebrity interviews from top entertainers in music, film and television.

  • Kenny Rogers is Walkin’ Away: Country Music Hall of Famer Kenny Rogers will retire with his grand farewell tour, dubbed “The Gambler’s Last Deal.” His retirement plans include photography (a hobby that has resulted in four books) and spending more time with his wife and twin boys.
  • Sela Ward Wields Presidential Power: Actress Sela Ward kicks off the summer movie season with her role as our country’s first female president in Independence Day: Resurgence. She discusses how she made herself as authentic as possible for her role as president and whether her taste of the Oval Office has inspired her to ditch Hollywood for public office.
  • What I Know Now – John Leguizamo: Actor and comedian John Leguizamo sounds off about going Method with a high-haired ‘fro,’ being a Latino in Hollywood, and why America really is beautiful. He explains why he wouldn’t want his kids doing what he does and why the business of acting can be more about the B.S. rather than the work.

Disrupt Aging – AARP’s Disrupt Aging movement continues highlighting awe-inspiring stories from people demonstrating age does not define them. Also included are stories from people overcoming genetic health risks, and a helpful piece on how to start your second career.

  • 25 People Who Bust the Myths: From a teenage inventor to the 62-year-old Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, these 25 people have disrupted aging by redefining themselves, persisting through challenges, raising the bar on age-based expectations, and more. These stories will inspire you to pursue your dreams at any age.
  • How to Defy Your Genes: Genetic risks of disease are real, but your odds of staying healthy may be better than you think. This article profiles six health heroes who had a family history of genetic disease and made the changes they needed to change their health destiny. From Type 2 diabetes to cancer, learn how average people tackle potential health problems head on.
  • It’s Mama’s Turn! How to Start Your Second Career: Many people take a break from working for one reason or another, including parents raising children full-time and those who retire early...and don’t like it. This article offers strategies on how to successfully reenter the workforce with ways to network and find a job you love.

Finance: The Wisdom of Warren – As one of the most successful stock market investors of all time, Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has shared much of his wisdom with the world, and millions of investors have reaped the benefits. This article reveals ten of Buffett’s best investment lessons to live by after 50. Learn how to save and invest money like the pros to put yourself in the best financial position possible.

Health: 20 Quirky Summer Health Tips (That Actually Work) – With the long, hot days upon us, it’s time to bone up on some summer health tips. This article offers 20 clever tips to make for a better, healthier summer. With tricks such as sucking on a marshmallow to relieve a sore throat to cooling off your hands as a way of refreshing yourself after a workout, you will have everything you need for a fantastic summer.

Music: Rock & Roll Will Never Die – Rock & Roll is alive and well. This story offers a fresh look at The Rolling Stones and an introduction to reunited 60+ rockers The Sloths.

  • The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones: Generation X author Rich Cohen was 26 years old when he was assigned to report on The Rolling Stones’ 1994 North American tour for Rolling Stone magazine. Cohen recalls his experience with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and reflects on the band’s long-term impact.
  • Last Band Standing: The Sloths began in 1965 and recorded only one song: “Makin’ Love.” It was too racy for radio and only a few hundred copies ever sold, though it became a primo garage-sale find for cult collectors. Now 50 years later, The Sloths have come back together to resurrect their band and redefine themselves. This article discusses their long careers and how they eventually came back together.


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