Aug 2, 2016
Inside the August/September Issue of AARP The Magazine
Cover Interview: Pop Icon Cyndi Lauper Shares Her Secrets for Reinvention and Why Rules, Especially About Aging, Just Don’t Apply Entertainment: Bob Costas, William Shatner, and the Monkees Discuss Their Careers, Legacies and Life Adventures Not–So-Smartphones: How Your Cell May Be Hurting You World War ZZZ: America’s Sleep Crisis All That Glitters: Older Americans Lose Millions Through Coin Scams Great 48-Hour Summer Getaways Checkup for Your Medicine Cabinet: Purging Your Meds Safely

WASHINGTON, DC  In the August/September issue ofAARP The Magazine (ATM), readers at home and online will enjoy an exclusive cover interview with musical icon and pop star Cyndi Lauper. At age 63, Lauper is still that girl with an edge who just wants to have fun. She remains an entertainment powerhouse whose secret to success is not giving a “hoot,” staying true to herself and her unconventional artistic vision, no matter what others might say. A pink-haired Lauper provides a thoughtful account of how she remains relevant in today’s rapidly changing entertainment landscape; opens up about her personal life, including an abusive childhood; and reveals how she has coped with aging.

The August/September issue of AARP The Magazinealso includes an array of fascinating articles about entertainment, money, travel and health.

Entertainment – Read exclusive celebrity interviews from top entertainers in music, film and television.

  • What I Know Now: Veteran sportscaster Bob Costas expounds on hosting his 11th Olympics and explains why the Olympics are a competition unlike any other in the world. He also offers a verdict on O.J. Simpson and reveals the one item he won’t leave home without.
  • Still Beaming After All These Years: William Shatner discusses the early years of Star Trek, his daughters growing up on set, the incredible power of the franchise, and finding peace with being forever Captain Kirk.
  • That Was Then, This Is Now: Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork, the two remaining members of the rock band The Monkees, are still at it five decades later. The duo discusses their new record, their work with the late Davy Jones’ vocals, and the group’s lasting legacy.


  • All That Glitters – Fueled by fear and deceptive marketing, older Americans lose millions of dollars through gold coin scams. Rather than invest through purchasing mining shares, or buying into a fund that tracks the metal’s price, older Americans prefer physical bullion, which makes them more vulnerable to con artists. A 2014 report from the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging estimated that more than 10,000 Americans have been victimized by precious metal cons, with losses around $300 million.


  • Be Smart with Your Phone: We spend an average of five hours a day on our mobile phones. The August/September issue of ATM lays out four ways these gadgets could be harming your health and the steps you can take to curb the side effects. From “text neck” to “bum thumb,” you’ll want to know what to do to avoid these serious health risks at all costs.
  • World War ZZZ: Experts say Americans get an hour or two less shut-eye every night than ever before.ATM analyzes what is keeping us up and if there is a way to make a restless nation go to bed. With suggestions like upgrading your bedroom with a new mattress and pillows, to breathing exercises to help induce an altered state of consciousness, you will have the tools needed to get your best sleep in decades.
  • You Must Remember This: As we get older, we tend to start having normal memory lapses that have more to do with the increasing amounts of information being thrown our way than any real cognitive decline. But it might become frustrating for spouses to keep up with the constant “Do you know where I left my keys?’ or “What’s the name of our neighbor’s daughter again?” The August/September issue ofATM provides a quiz to tell if your spouse needs a checkup, plus stealth strategies to charge up your mate’s memory. Activities such as napping and doing home repairs are proven to help you maintain memory and preserve brain function.
  • Checkup for Your Medicine Cabinet – Full of old vitamins, expired meds and questionable supplements, your medicine cabinet could hold unknown perils. Here’s how to clear out dangerous drugs and stay safe. ATM experts offer five tips that include checking expiration dates, knowing the dangers of common painkillers, and being aware of risky herbal remedies.


  • Summer Getaway Guide – Just because the summer is winding down doesn’t mean you can’t plan one last fun summer getaway. If you have 48 hours to spare, ATM points to four great places around the country to spend them. From wine in Sonoma to music in Nashville, this list will surely give youinspiration to take a trip in the dwindling days of summer.


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