Mar 28, 2017
April AARP Bulletin Features 'Frauds, Scams, Rip-Offs: The Ultimate Guide to Beating the Crooks' and '10 Things to Know about Allergies'
Plus, Money Traps to Avoid in Retirement; Why it's Important to Time Your Meals; The Great Prostate Cancer Screening Debate, and More

WASHINGTON,DC  One in 10 Americans will fall victim to phone scams this year, and millions more will be ripped off online or in-person. In this month's issue, AARP Bulletin offers a complete guide on how to beat crooks at their own game, from online hackers and contract cons to get-rich pitches and vacation scams. The April cover story, "Frauds, Scams, Rip-Offs: The Ultimate Guide to Beating the Crooks," reveals the best defenses against scammers and cons, with advice provided by six fraud experts.

For many Americans, allergies don't develop until later in life. Each year, millions of adults age 50-plus develops runny noses and scratchy eyes, tell-tale symptoms of seasonal allergies. In a piece titled "10 Things You Need to Know About Allergies," AARP Bulletin dishes up tips on how to keep breathing easy, including the best and worst cities to live in if you have allergies. Spoiler alert: Daytona Beach, FL, is the best city to live in for avoiding spring allergy symptoms.

Other stories in April's AARP Bulletin:

Four Money Traps to Avoid In Retirement
AARP Bulletin's April issue dives into the four most common money missteps – a house worth less than what you owe on it, not having enough saved for retirement, adult children that are still financially dependent, and a retirement fund that's losing money – and offers tips on how to overcome each situation.

The Great Prostate Testing Debate
Prostate cancer diagnoses and death rates have fallen by nearly half since 1992, but this disease still remains the third leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the U.S. AARP Bulletin shares the three things you need to know in the wake of new screening guidelines that will result in fewer men being diagnosed and treated, including: knowing your risk factors, learning about new tests that can help predict if elevated PSA levels are due to cancer or aging, and understanding why active surveillance works.

How When You Eat Can Hurt Your Health
Did you know that the timing of your meals and snacks can have a big impact on your health? Habitually skipping breakfast, snacking at all hours of the night and gorging on a late dinner can increase your risk for heart attacks, strokes and other cardiac diseases. AARP Bulletin's April issue offers guidelines for reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes by timing your meals properly.

Viva La Record Store!
In 2008, Michael Kurtz started Record Store Day, April 22, a movement to revive interest in vinyl records, with the re-release of two iconic Metallica albums. Thanks in part to his efforts, U.S. vinyl sales hit a 27-year high in 2015 with 16.9 million records sold, and Record Store Day is now widely celebrated around the globe. In this month's AARP Bulletin, Michael Kurtz explains how he helped vinyl get its groove back and why platters still matter.

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