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Sep 5, 2017
September AARP Bulletin Gives Rare Look Behind the Surgeon's Mask, Reveals How to Find and Pick the Best Doctor and Hospital for You
Plus, the growing American epidemic of prediabetes; how to protect your Social Security number from crooks; what's hot (and not) in the fast-changing world of collectibles; and an exclusive interview with tennis legend Billie Jean King about life since the infamous Battle of the Sexes

WASHINGTON, DC—The most important health decision you will ever make may be who you pick to be your surgeon. An AARP investigative report shows that some surgeons have complication rates three times the industry average. The implications are huge: in 2015, over 3,400 people died due to surgical complications, and another 63,000 were injured, according to one study.

AARP Bulletin September 2017 Issue

To help you pick the right surgeon – and the hospital to have the surgery at – AARP Bulletin's September issue offers a special health section, "Take Charge of Your Healthcare," with need-to-know insights on why and how to find the right doctor, surgeon, hospital and medical team to meet your family's unique health needs. The guide outlines how to discover a surgeon's history and track record, whether a hospital provides quality care before and after the procedure, and more. Also, in an exclusive report, 17 nurses, physicians and healthcare experts reveal the traits, skills and attitudes to look for in a doctor to get the very best care.

Other stories in September's AARP Bulletin:

A shocking one-third of adults are afflicted with prediabetes, but because the condition has no obvious symptoms, the vast majority of them don't know it. About 15 to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years if they don't alter their eating and fitness habits. In this month's issue, AARP Bulletin answers key questions about prediabetes and offers tips and resources on how to prevent diabetes before it's too late.

Did you know that you can find out your risk for developing Parkinson's disease or late-onset Alzheimer's with some saliva and $200? Thanks to a new ruling by the FDA, consumers can bypass doctors for the first time to learn their genetic risk for 10 diseases via a mail-in testing kit. But is it better not to know? AARP Bulletin's September issue sheds light on this controversial test and offers a personal experience from one tester on its staff.

For many Americans, Social Security is a big part of their retirement income. But many start drawing on that nest egg too soon, especially if they are in a financial bind. However, in "Don't Rush Social Security," AARP Bulletin explains why you are better off in almost every scenario to wait until 70 before taking Social Security retirement benefits.

If you have ever watched Antiques Roadshow, you have likely wondered if your "junk" in the attic has any value. Covering old cardboard advertising signs to war artifacts, the AARP Bulletin offers advice on which collectibles in your home might be worth a small fortune.

By learning your Social Security number, fraudsters can easily wreak havoc on your life: stealing your money and government benefits, and getting medical care and other services in your name. This can lead to a tangled mess.  Worse, applying for a new "Social" isn't easy. AARP Bulletin's September issue offers five "Social" smarts for protecting your ID from fraudsters.

Coming out in theaters this month is Battle of the Sexes, a film based on the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. King won the match nicknamed "Battle of the Sexes" and became a symbol for women's equality in sports and in American life. In an interview with AARP Bulletin King discusses how the match changed America, her passion for promoting equality, and who inspires her every day.

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