Nov 6, 2018
November AARP Bulletin Special Report: Are Social Security Benefits Safe?
AARP dispels myths, reveals financial health of America’s “most important” federal program

WASHINGTON, DC—A special report in the November issue of AARP Bulletin reveals important truths about Social Security, how it works, and its financial health. In the publication, AARP takes a deep dive into the current and future state of Social Security and addresses people’s misconceptions and questions – like whether you can change your mind about collecting benefits (you can, but only once) and whether there’s a maximum benefit (yes, there is).

In “Social Security: The Real Facts,” AARP examines twelve things every American should know about the program, including the likelihood of congressional action and why it was not meant to serve as the sole source of income for retirees. Personal stories from people who rely on Social Security benefits as their only source of income reveal the day-to-day challenges and perspectives of Americans who don’t have their own retirement savings.

In addition, check out AARP’s new Social Security Resource Center with answers to 100 of the top questions asked about Social Security.

Other stories in the November issue:

In the News

  • Q&A With Filmmaker Ben Patton on Helping Vets Combat PTSD: Ben Patton comes from a distinguished military family. He is the grandson of General George Patton Jr., one of the most famous generals in American history. Patton discusses his work with AARP Bulletin and how he’s applying his filmmaking skills to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  


  • The One Workout You Must Do: Find out how exercising just ten minutes a day can reverse effects of aging. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) allows older Americans to reap “over-size benefits” in just a short amount of time. HIIT has been shown to boost youth hormones, recharge your cells, help with belly fat, protect your heart and offer other health benefits.  

Your Money

  • Fight Fraud with Freebies: With the growth of identity theft and fraud, consumers are spending an increasing amount of money on protective services. AARP highlights several free services that can provide protection and assist with the growing rate of digital scams and theft. This includes: freezing your credit, call-blocking apps, getting password managers, credit and identity monitoring, and accessing tax transcripts.

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